What is your summer music goal?

What is your summer music goal?


I’ve actually thought about this for the past few months - I get summer break (being a teacher is awesome!). For me, I have to build some more bass traps for my room, and treat it thoroughly. I’ve treated the room already and it went from unrecordable to actually quite impressive.

Next to that, I have to finish my DIY e-drum kit - I have to build a bass drum, and I’ve managed to skin a real snare drum with a mesh. As a real challenge, I want to build myself a megadrum e-drum module.

Aside from that, I want to write and record some songs.

So, busy busy busy


Do you have any new tracks for us to mix? I feel like having some more fun with a few outside projects even if it’s not a contest.


I’m with @doubletrackinjive here - Would love some tracks to mix even if there wasn’t a contest to play for…


Just out of interest - what software are you using for the stop motion animation?

I tried a few and then started playing around with Clayframes on my cellphone - ever such fun… I was only ever planning on being low key and then… and then it got more complicated as I kept wanting to tweak more bits. So now I am playing with husband’s SLR camera which I’m going to mount on a ceiling bracket and take still shots with a trigger… well Clayframes is cool for that too, you can sound-activate it to take the shot or just touch the screen, but I just wanted to explore real still shots for a different vibe. And I’ve also ended up importing it all into premiere pro which we have as part of a home business package but I’d never used before…

Premiere pro is woop-woop-bells-and-whistles, which is not where I had intended to take this but it is also unmistakably clever… unlike me! Haha… steep learning curves as I figure out video format conversions and infinite new tricks to be learned. I’m playing with charcoal drawings that morph… Heaps of fancy ideas in my head that I’ve yet to learn how to translate… sighhh… :smile:


Depending on whether you have a mac or a pc I would recommend getting software that has some built in features for stop motion. With my students I have used iStopMotion from Boinx - and it’s brilliant. You can hook up almost any camera and control it from the software. The biggest feature you need in stop motion is onion skinning. If you don’t know what that is - it’s basically being able to see the last photo you took while moving your characters for the next photo. So rather than guessing what movements you need to animate you can see precisely how things are moving.


Yeah the clayframes has onion skinning, love it. I’ll check out the iStop thanks… the clayframes was really a play-around-with-grandson thing but it kinda hooked me in. It may well be all i need, but definitely worth exploring all options as it seems to have ‘caught me’…


Seasons have no effect on the time I have to spend on music, but for the remainder of calendar 2017 my goal is to come up with at least three new originals. That’s a bar set very low for some of you, but for me that is likely to be a challenge unless I can stumble upon a new burst of creativity… the most recent originals I wrote emerged during the Xmas break last December. Hopefully it won’t take that much downtime to get some sparks going again…

Another goal is to use a “Train Your Ears” module (that one happens to be on sale for US$49 until tomorrow, 31 May, thru AudioDeluxe), or the Harmon/Kardon “How to Listen” exercises in order to improve my ability to hear frequencies and so on. I’ve just finished reading Mike Senior’s book, but it took me so long to get through that I’ve forgotten much of the early chapters so will just start over and make copious bookmarks in my Nook app when I find nuggets I want to try to remember. All part of trying to elevate my mixing and arranging skills to add interest to my stuff, whether original or covers.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…


I"ve tracked and mixed my new 12 song project “PRAY” and am in the process of nit picking everything to get it ready for mastering. I want to release in October, so I need to be ready by August to give the master(er)?? time to get me off the ground.

Reason 9.5 just hit and opened up VSTs and I’ll be playing the learning game there a bit. (YAY!)

Still trying to get good enough at Reaper to get my drums sounding better (SSD4, which is NOT included in the VSTs that work (so far)). Doesn’t work with VST 3s, which apparently includes Density and Kjearhaus…bummer. Anyone got any recommendations for decent free mastering compressors and limiters that work with Reason 9.5?

That’s the short list…got a computer to start building, new church projects (now head music minister and still drama director). Would like to find a better job this summer as well…


An idea to throw out there. You could always write some music that would go along with some of these animations that you’re working on :wink:


Have you put some of these tracks on “bash this”? Helps to get some of that input as you’re wrapping up!


I’ll see what I can come up with this week!


O yeah… already chugging along down that track! :wink:


Haven’t bashed enough lately to feel like I could do so. No free time with all the other stuff, so, in short, no. Bash should be give and take and I haven’t given…


This isn’t RR. We have no quota here. Post away!!
By giving us some material to check out, you ARE giving!


Totally agree with this. There’s no “one for one” quota or anything… go for it!


So I can upload songs for bashing now even if I haven’t officially “qualified?”


Man, you totally “qualify”! You’ve been an active and engaged member around here. Go for it!!


There is no “qualification” other than having music to share and have critiqued. Please dive in!! :slight_smile:


Thanks buddy… one problem though, it’s not working for me!


What do you mean? Are you getting some kind of error message? You can either use the icon at the top of the message editor (just to the right of the </> symbols) or, even easier, simply drag and drop an mp3 into it.