What is your summer music goal?

What is your summer music goal?


An idea to throw out there. You could always write some music that would go along with some of these animations that you’re working on :wink:


Have you put some of these tracks on “bash this”? Helps to get some of that input as you’re wrapping up!


I’ll see what I can come up with this week!


O yeah… already chugging along down that track! :wink:


Haven’t bashed enough lately to feel like I could do so. No free time with all the other stuff, so, in short, no. Bash should be give and take and I haven’t given…


This isn’t RR. We have no quota here. Post away!!
By giving us some material to check out, you ARE giving!


Totally agree with this. There’s no “one for one” quota or anything… go for it!


So I can upload songs for bashing now even if I haven’t officially “qualified?”


Man, you totally “qualify”! You’ve been an active and engaged member around here. Go for it!!


There is no “qualification” other than having music to share and have critiqued. Please dive in!! :slight_smile:


Thanks buddy… one problem though, it’s not working for me!


What do you mean? Are you getting some kind of error message? You can either use the icon at the top of the message editor (just to the right of the </> symbols) or, even easier, simply drag and drop an mp3 into it.


I can’t convert my music files into mp3 format. I was at the back of the queue when IT skills were handed out! I’ll try dragging it on from windows media player! It worked somehow?


Lots and lots of ways to convert between audio formats. Audacity (free download) can do it. You can also google up a veritable plethora of sites that do it for you on the fly. Just search on “convert to mp3” and go from there.


@Chordwainer thanks Dave for the advice. I managed to convert it by accident!


OK…! Did you figure out how to render it in mp3 format from your DAW? I have to think that every one of them has that functionality… glad you got it sorted!


I think it had something to do with Windows Media Player… Just had a pop up recommending I PM you!


Reviving a year old thread. HAHA!

I’m hoping to get one of my originals finished, with the help of this great group of people. :slight_smile:


A new summer is coming right up, so it’s relevant. lol


My plan is to market my band (which consists mostly of …me :roll_eyes:), develop my youtube channel and grow my subscriber list. Advertise and market my music on facebook. Record and release a new EP (digital release).

Right now I’m working on mixing 3 of my most recent recordings and trying to “sound match” them with 6 of my older recordings, for the purpose of making a full length album. I’m trying to get them to sound like one cohesive project…Every song sounds like it was recorded in different studios, at different times. At this point I just want to get started with the business side because I’ve spent lots of hours, months, years on the music, though it’s still far from perfect. Once I get the volumes and overall EQ relatively similar for each song then I’m moving on. I’ll return at a later date to remix…maybe even re-record the songs, but the time has come to push the music to the public, warts and all. The songs will have to shine through the mediocre production. Time to unleash the beast!

While I’m promoting my music this summer, I also plan on recording an EP…I don’t know if I could actually accomplish all that in just 4 or 5 months…, but I’ll try.