What is your favorite humbucker for 335 style guitars

I finally dove in and picked up an Epi 335 recently and I love the feel of it, but I’m considering getting some replacement pickups for it that are maybe a lower wind for more clarity, etc. Any suggestions?

Hey @holster, my 2 cents worth I’d look at some other options first. Changing pick ups is a great way to get some different sounds but there are other things that might be easier to try.

My thought is that each guitar has a certain sound to it so it might be that if you have a certain sound in mind a different guitar might be naturally closer to that sound. Of course you being in the business I’m assuming you’ve tried ES 175’s and the variety of electro acoustic guitars available?

I think amplification is critical also. Most amps on the market are aimed at certain things, basically pop music in either Fender or Marshall mode. There’s plenty of beautiful variations on those two available also but there are many small makers now with some different approaches you might look into. I’ve lately been experimenting with changing the preamp tube in my Champ to a 12AT7 which gives it a whole different character, and also recording DI and then working without an amp or sim to see what can be done.

Just some thoughts.

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I have the gibby 335 and never have like the sound. It might have 5 hours on it. I would love to hear what folks say about a pickup change. thanks for posting this

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P90’s all the way for me!