What Is The World

Just finishing this one off. Any tips will be great


Hey Chick, very nice work. I’m able to listen only on my regular computer grotbox speakers just now, but it translates very well indeed. A big, balanced sound.

I’ll save detailed comments until I can listen on better repro, but for now I have these impressions:

The guitar solo is a bit too hot, stands too far above the rest of the mix (but fabulous playing!!).

I find the delay’s repeat on the lead vox to be a bit too loud also (that is, when the delay repeats the phrase).

I really dig the composition and arrangement overall. However that final chord seems a bit jarring to me. It’s clear you’re looking to make a departure there, but for me, it’s departing a bit too much. Purely a stylistic choice though!

Well done!!

Edit: had a second listen, and the second time around the synthetic choral vox effect sounded, well, pretty synthetic. Perhaps a touch more reverb on that would mask it a bit? But I reserve the right to retract this one after I have a listen on good repro!

I’m on a laptop, so I won’t speak much to the mix, other than it does translate well. Kudos!

That intro is fantastic! It drew me right in. Killer!
I agree that the delay in the vocal could either come down a bit OR just highlight it on the end of key phrases. Just a thought.
Who did the vocals? Good singing! The lyrics/melody do feel a tad predictable if I’m being nitpicky. Could just be me though.

Overall, I like how this is coming together! Thanks for letting us check it out!!

Nice work, reminds me of Uriah Heep a bit,

Wow - Epic! Only listening on grotboxes, but it sounds fantastic.

I love the acoustic guitar, in particular - very nicely done.

Guitar solo is a little loud. The chorusing on the vocals is a bit too much in the high exposed bits like @ 2:50, but sounds good the rest of the time.

Sounding great!

Just a couple of things I noticed:

The timing on some of the choral sounds are a bit off. They seem to come in groups of 5, and the 4th one is a bit early. It messes with me bobbing my head.

I agree with others than the guitar solo is a bit too “in your face.” I’m not even sure if it’s just the volume, or something else that could help it feel more like it’s in the same space as the rest of the instruments. I wonder if it’s EQ’d too narrowly or something. That’s just a guess.

I defend the level of the guitar solo, and as a guitarist I think any solo should stand out. The fact that the solo is very well played helps too.


Epic stuff!! love the overall drum sounds and vox. It’s a little reminiscent of Queensryche to me both arrangement and vocal wise. Great snare sound.

I’ve no issues with lead volume - it’s so well played and has such a great tone I probably wouldn’t care if it was 13 db higher anyway…:grinning:

BRILLIANT call on the major lift at around 5:07 - perfectly judged writing.

This is fucking great, one of the best things I’ve heard on this site. I like the last chord choice by the way.

You should be really proud of this. I get the “synthy” comments on the choral vox but hey…

Wonderful stuff, well done!!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to give this a run over, this is why these things work so well it would have taken me weeks to pick out the things written here but this song just had a bash from people who know what they’re taking about.
Thanks again everyone

By the way, didn’t actually mention - but GREAT singer there!!