What is the cleanest interface on the market today?

I’m not looking for the cheapest, but obviously I don’t want to spend 10k on an interface. What is the interface out there today that has the lowest distortion and noise? I don’t need lots of channels either.

If it’s just a A/D converter with adat or spdif out is fine. something like this.


I just want to know what other options are out there.


Are your M-audio 1010s giving you problems ?

Antelope Audio Pure 2

Antelope Audio has always had a good rep for very clean converters.
Good luck finding any actual specs for most units. The specs these days seem limited to dynamic headroom and clock jitter.

Even the converters on modestly priced units produce inaudible distortion and noise. In my opinion the real factor is the analog amplification stages after the converters.

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I can’t say enough good things about the Metric Halo 2882 I have. great sounding interface, very clean. Past that I would say the Prism Sound Orpheus would be a great pick.


I am perfectly happy with the Motu system convertors that I invested in. I use them along side RME and Apogee.

I never bought a motu because I couldn’t find any specs on them.
I did a lot of reading and bought one of these:

But that was the heyday of interfaces and they were firewire.
I don’t think you can get the features it has, like
Remote control, Monitor control(3 sets)
Active crossover for your sub.
Built in high quality reverb and compression.
I noticed quite an improvement in sound quality going from a emu 1820 to the sk48.

I think all the modern interfaces are good quality. You can’t go wrong with RME though, good company.

I couldn’t tell that much difference between running 48k and 96k and I lost a lot of resources trying to run the higher sample rates, so I always stayed at 48k. I think I would be the same way with an audiophile DAC, I probably couldn’t tell the difference between it and my interface. So this is as good as I’ll ever need.

I’d say that any interface will work great as long as you utilize the 432Hz plugin on every track. :+1:


I hadn’t seen the plugin before, just watched the video, I think this might change my life.