What does your studio consist of?

Ok, since I’m in the process of moving rooms and setting things up again I had to do an inventory.
Not included of is the box or the rest of what is ITB.

ROLI Seaboard Grand Stage
LUNA Acoustic-electric Ukulele
Vorsin Electric Ukulele
Squire Affinity Telecaster

MXL R77 Classic Ribbon Microphone
Audix VX5 Condesner Microphone
Crimson Audio Mogaine
Cloudlifter CL-1

ART VLA-500 Compressor
Lindell Audioo PEX-500 Passive EQ
FMR Audio RNLA (Really Nice LEveling Amp)
Rupert Neve 542 Tape Emulator
Moog Analog Delay
Lee Jackson Mr. Springer Spring Reverbs
DBX 560A 500 Series Compressor/Limiter Processor
Aphex EX-BB Aural Exciter
DBX 510 500-Series Sub Harmonic Synth

Akai MPK Mini
PreSonus FaderPort
Universal Audio Apollo Twin

Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors
Oppo HA-2 Headphone Amplifier
Shure SRH-1540 Headphones
AKD K701 OpenBack Reference Headphones


Here’s mine:

iMac (late 2012) 8GB RAM, 2.9 GHz Quad Core

Cubase Pro 10

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Behringer XR18

PreSonus Eric E3.5
Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones

Audio-Technica AT2020

Various Shure Beta 58a, SM58, SM57

Alesis DM8 Pro Electronic Drums
M-Audio Keystation 49e
Various guitars and basses

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HP z420 Xeon E5-1650 (6 Cores) @ 3.20GHz w/8GB RAM

T.C. Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 (Firewire)
MAudio 24/96 (PCI) Card
Line6 PODxt (USB)

Cakewalk by BandLab
Tracktion T7 (just got this to try out)

Behringer Eurorack UB1202 Mixer

Oktava MK 319 Microphone (borrowed :laughing:)

JBL LSR305 Monitors
AKG 240 Headphones

Fender Stratocaster (MIJ 1985/86?)
Kramer Baretta I (1989?)
Squier Stagemaster deluxe
ME4 Lyon by Washburn (I find I like this cheapo guitar)
C. F. Martin Stinger Strat-clone
Ibanez IMG 2010 (MIDI guitar without the MIDI equipment)
Ibanez EX series bass
Ibanez Talman acoustic/electric
Yamaha G-55 classical
MAudio Keystation 49e midi controller

Line6 PODxt
BOSS OD-1 Overdrive (an OD-1D)
BOSS TW-1 Touch Wah
BOSS-MT2 (yeah… the Metal Zone!)
HUSH Pedal
Squier Champ 15 amp
Behringer GX110 amp
Lots of free VST’s

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One thing that’s held its own for years is the Main I/O…a discontinued Line 6 UX8 interface.

I bought it because Todd Rundgren made a album released cd ARENA using it, and from a room in his house…not his famous studio. No outboard, just mics and software. Reading about it this morning. I also tried numerous other interface boxes and none were any better and some worse. ($180 excellent deal and tank metal built)

REAPER is the DAW. ($60? great price)

Monitors…DYNAUDIO BM5A, which are 145mm/6in~ woofer and Esotec Tweeter. 90w and 50watt. ($175 a pair! great deal…mint)
KRK V6 with Focal tweeters…and a Grace Design headphone amp with Beyer 880 250ohm

The Rest:

Outboard and Mics change a lot.
Outboard pre, comps… LA610 SE and ART TPS and a RANE 22(2qty MS1).
My verdict is none of them really sound any better than plugins but they might have a tiny clarity or its placebo?
2018 went through LDC’s and currently SM57/58, KSM27 AKG2000b, and a Rode NTV on the way for my first tube mic.

30yr old Squier Bass (did bass shoot outs this year) also have a winner- Peavy Fury… new Fender 51 MIJ that’s the best guitar Ive ever owned and an acoustic that’s 10+yrs old? Takamine…
Line6 Pro rack guitar… some amps around but are my sons live stuff.

use Wiki Drummer for drummers…my jams. really a fun thing to do, Drummers from all over the globe toss up drum tracks that they did and users can download them and overdub for free.

the room is downsized, usage is downsized, quality of gear is better than when I was 15 and couldn’t afford anything and played all the time? go figure? :slight_smile:


I’ll just list my main stuff:

Native Instruments S88 Keyboard
Fender, Gibson, Martin, Larrivee, and Tom Anderson Guitars
Matchless, Marshall, Vox, /13, BadCat, Budda, Dr Z, Morgan, Hughes/Kettner and Mesa Amps

Mics and Preamps
Blue Bottle Microphones, Blue Robbie Preamps

Avid, Motu, Crane Song

Focal SM9, JBL LSR surround

GIK, RealTraps, Writeson-Johnsfon

Control Surface
System 5

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Nothing special, it’s just the spare bedroom in my house these days.

Dell i7 laptop
Audient iD22
Focal CMS65s

Harrison Mixbus 32c

And a little mic locker;

2x AT4050s
Audix i5
2x SM57
1x SM58

At some point I’m going to get an ADAT 8 channel mic preamp to expand my inputs, but the main thing that’d improve my studio at the moment is a bigger room.


I keep a list in OneNote with my gear and how much I paid for it. I buy almost everything on sale or used. It’s cool to see what other people are using! So let’s see…


  • REAPER (this is the DAW I use)
  • FL Studio Producer Edition (I don’t use this anymore, but I bought the software back in grade school when it was still called Fruity Loops. The company gives free lifetime updates so it was an inexpensive upgrade to buy the full fledged version, before I had heard of REAPER.)
  • Komplete 9 Ultimate
  • Izotope Production Bundle 2
  • SoundToys 5
  • Sonarworks Reference 4 Headphone Edition and Waves Nx (for headphone calibration and room modeling. Basically my best attempt to compensate for mixing on headphones.)
  • A number of other misc. plugins and virtual instruments.


  • Shure SM57 (This was my first microphone from freshman year of college! It still gets used regularly.)
  • Rode NT1-A (This was my go-to microphone for years, until I got the Oktava MK 319. Now I don’t use it much.)
  • Oktava MK 319 (I’ve been using this on vocals for the past year or so, and I quite like it.)
  • MXL MCA SP1 (I use this occasionally… it was really inexpensive and it’s not bad.)
  • MXL R144 (I bought this because I wanted to try a ribbon mic. My room sucked though, and I’ve never used it on anything. I’d like to try it again after I have my acoustic treatment up.)
  • MXL 604 pair (I bought these for acoustic guitar, but I couldn’t get anything to sound good. I want to try these again as well, when I have my acoustic treatment up.)


  • Martin GPCPA3 acoustic guitar
  • Lucero LC100 classical guitar (This is the instrument I play the most.)
  • Fender American Stratocaster Deluxe (I got this for free! I won a giveaway from a site I had a membership with at the time called JamPlay. The guitar that I had actually won was out of stock, so they asked me to pick a different one at the same price-point, so I got to choose. I freaking love this guitar.)
  • Parker PDF85
  • Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (My wife bought this bass because she wanted to play the bass. It’s cliche, but after realizing that it would take time and effort to learn it she gave up, lol. So now I have it to use instead.)
  • Pearl Roadshow 5-piece New Fusion drum kit

Audio Interfaces

  • Audient ID14
  • Avid Eleven Rack (I route this into the ID14 via optical input.)


  • Novation Nocturn (I had high hopes for this, but I couldn’t get it to work very well. It ended up being more trouble than it was worth. It was cheap though so not a huge loss.)
  • Novation LaunchPad S (This is in a box with the Nocturn.)
  • Nektar Impact GX61 keyboard
  • Nektar Panorama P1 (I have this on my desk ready to go, and went through the tutorial to learn how to use it. I really like it in theory, but I haven’t yet had the patience to develop a new workflow with this thing. Someday?)
  • Keith McMillen K-BOARD (This thing is cool. I like how small it is, too. I tend to just use my keyboard for most things though. And the velocity curves were disappointing.)


  • Voodoo Ground Control Pro (To switch presets/fx on the Eleven Rack)
  • Mission EP-11 Pedal (Works with the Eleven Rack wah/volume fx.)
  • EHX Pitchfork
  • Ditto Looper
  • Joyo US Dream


  • Sennheiser HD 600 headphones
  • Bose QuietComfort 25 noise cancelling headphones (I bought these for a plane ride once, but I actually really like using them in the studio as well, either for tracking or for when I’m trying to listen critically and the laundry machine is on or something.)
  • Logitech - Z623 2.1 speakers (These are my “what would this sound like in the car?” type speakers.)
  • Apple earbuds
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I know!!! I have no idea why its fascinating for our nerd-like brains to browse around other peoples toolboxes. The funny thing is it totally doesn’t matter what someone else uses, but our sheer curiosity seems to enjoy the process of exploring anyway!


As I don’t currently really do this in a pro capacity, I’m set up basically to mix and nerd out on guitar tones/record my own stuff.


  • Pro Tools 12.8
  • Cubase 10
  • Way too many plugins from Slate, Waves, Brainworx/Plugin-Alliance, McDSP, Kush/Sly-Fi, SoundToys, Softube blah blah blah
  • Sonarworks headphones and room correction software

Audio Hardware:

  • Focusrite Saffire Liquid 56 (main interface)
  • Digidesign 003 rack (backup)
  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo (for mobile)


  • Yamaha HS8 monitors (main)
  • Alesis M1 Active monitors (backups)
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones
  • Jeep Liberty and Toyota Rav4 :rofl:

Other Gadgetry:

  • Radial ReAmp box
  • Rivera Mini RockRec (load box)
  • DIYRE DI box
  • BBE 2-channel Sonic Maximizer
  • XLR and TRS patchbays
  • DIY room treatment


  • Shure SM57 (x2)
  • Sennheiser E906
  • Rode NT-1a
  • some rather awful MXL LDC that I use to create ugly guitar room tracks


  • EVH 5150iii
  • Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier
  • Marshall DSL100
  • Egnater Vengeance
  • Randall RG1503
  • Bugera 333XL
  • Orange Micro Dark
  • Laney IronHeart
  • ENGL e530 (rack pre)


  • Orange 1x12 with V30
  • Avatar 2x12 with V30 and G12H
  • DIY 4x12 with 4 G12T’s

Amp Sims:

  • Mercuriall: U530, SS-20, Re-Axis
  • JST: Menace, Ben Bruce, Guilty Pleasure
  • STL Tonality
  • Fortin Nameless
  • Scuffham S-Gear
  • Plugin-Alliance: Bassdude, Megadual, Megasingle, Rockrack v3, GAV19T, E646 VS, E765 RT
  • Amplitube Orange, Fender, Ampeg
  • Ignite Amps Emissary, plus their pedal/preamp emu plugs
  • LePou sims
  • Softube Metal Amp Room, Bass Amp Room
  • Waves GTR and PRS sims
  • probably some others that I can’t remember off the top o’ my head
  • IR’s from OwnHammer, RedWirez, JST, and various others found on the interwebs

Guitar Rack Goodies:

  • Avid Eleven Rack
  • Line 6 Helix Rack (with floorboard)
  • Voodoo Labs GCX loop switcher (to integrate analog pedal switching into Helix)

DIY Pedal Clones:

  • Big Muff Pi
  • ProCo Rat
  • Ibanez ST-9 (sorta rare TubeScreamer variant)
  • Friedman BE-OD
  • TC Integrated Pre
  • Klon Centaur
  • Vox AC30 top-boost channel
  • A bunch of boosts and drive pedals that weren’t necessarily based on a specific pedal, plus a delay pedal that is nice n’ lo-fi

Bought Pedals:

  • Bogner Ecstasy Red
  • Bogner Uberschall
  • Deadbeat Sound Visible Overdrive
  • Like My Pedals Creamsicle/ 4.K.T.O.D (dual drive, one side I think is TS based the other is Klon-based)
  • Caroline Météore (awesome lo-fi reverb)
  • DarkGlass B7K Ultra
  • ProTone Pedals Bass Overdrive


  • Ibanez RGIF7 with Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi pickups
  • LTD BW-1 with Fishman Fluence Modern pickups
  • PRS SE277 with upgraded electronics
  • Ibanez acoustic
  • Squire 5-string bass

As the plan is to build out an actual studio in around 2 years time, I’m shifting my investments accordingly to start building up for that… new interface, pre’s, mics etc…

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Here’s what I’ve got.


  • Reaper
  • Sonar Platinum
  • Ozone 7
  • Bunch of Waves plugins


  • Roland Octa-Capture
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 14
  • Fredenstein VAS pre
  • Fredenstein VAS compressor


  • Shure Sm57 and Sm58
  • Heil pr30 and pr20
  • Electro Voice 635a
  • Audix i5
  • Sennheiser e902
  • CAD M179
  • AKG Perception 200


  • JBL LSR305s
  • Audio technica ath m50 headphones

Guitar amps

  • Marshall JCM2000 dsl100
  • Marshall DSL40C
  • Mesa Single Rectifier Rectoverb 50
  • Pod HD and Pod Xt


  • Marshall Jcm800 1960 4x12 with gt75s
  • Avatar Contemporary 2x12 with Vintage 30s


  • Various Humbucker and P90 equipped Guitars
  • A couple Washburn acoustics, one sounds amazing, the other sounds like a cheap acoustic
  • Squier VM 70s Jazz bass with Seymour Duncan quarter pounders
  • Akai midi keyboard
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HP Z800 Workstation Xeon 12 core @ 3.0 Ghz - 48 Gbytes Ram


Harrison Mixbus
Harrison Mixbus 32c


Shure Sm57
Heil PR30
Rode NT-2A
Rode NTK
Shure SM81 x 2
Karma k10 x 2
Many various mics of differing quality.


Event TR8
Event TR6
Dayton Audio SUB-1200
Audio Technica ATH M50 headphones


Mackie Onyx 400f x 3
Mackie Quad Gate/Comp x 2
Behringer T 1950 Tube warmer
Presonus MP20
Rane MP44
Drawmer MX30 compressor
Behringer REV2496 reverb
Ashely GQX1502 equalizer
Homemade 4 channel mic preamp based off of TI INA163

Various keyboards and lots of homemade circuits and toys.

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Wiki Drummer? That sounds cool. Where can this be found?