What does a mix entirely done with Guitar Rig 4 sound like?

This :slightly_smiling_face::

I’ve been threatening to do this for years, and I finally did it last night. As part of an “Extreme FX” mix challenge over at AMC, I thought this song would be a great candidate. The only processor on the mix that is not Guitar Rig 4 is a Waves Limiter on the master buss limiting about 2dB


Ok, so I am dizzy now. So much swirling. One good thing, I now know my ears don’t pick up vocals very well.
I googled Guitar Rig 4 and basically got nothing. One place said not available anymore. Is this something that you plug your guitar into and then into the interface. I shouldn’t ask these kinds of questions because you are so thorough in your comments. ha ha I will wait and see what others say. I would love something more simple. I do not like my boss 70 at all.
Gals vox was very good, but I missed yours. Not like you would like to sing on this one tho.
Merry Christmas

That is some extreme FX. I am really enjoying the drum machine vibe, you got that thing a thumping.

Most of that is actually the vibe of the original production- it is called “Dream State” after all. Here is the what the original mix sounds like:

Petty swirly already, but I definitely made it swirlier :grin:

Google “Guitar Rig 6” and you’ll get the idea. It’s just a plugin for your DAW. Version 4 is just 2 versions older than the latest.

Thanks Eric!

Ooh yay… hah… cool… wide swirly whirly… I am a great fan of Guitar Rig 4, it is a great plug and yes, your mix has to my ears the trademark richness… I tend to dial in and then out again when I’m using it but it works really well for this track… cool!!

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Thanks Emma - It’s a very well produced and performed piece of music - hard to make it sound bad, and great fun to mess with!

Yep, it works great for you and I suppose (since I don’t own Guitar Rig) that every tools are right there without extra purchase. I mean regular EQ and comp on top of guitar-oriented EQ and other stuff.
The obvious reverb sounds very well but it could come from tracks themselves :confused:
I only found one thing a bit odd which is the kick sound: it sounds to me like it went thru a distorted guitar amp with a very characteristic guitar fingerprint on it which isn’t very common for an EDM kick sound.

Again, great work, and nice experiment!