Wet Blanket Syrup Stain

Wet Blanket Syrup Stain
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Is the blaket wet from the syrup stain ? For the syrup to stain, obviously it was not cleaned off immediately, but why? The person sleeping, who needed the blanket, has been the victim of their spouse eating pancakes in bed.

There is enough here to evoke emotion and thought. Good job.


You are my captain, Fiasco! Apparently there’s something a little more mysterious about the blanket than they’d led you to believe. Maybe if we get together and dry hump our problems away we’ll wear down the surface.




With this song, I have entered you. It is now my syrup that is doing the staining, and you have become the wet blanket. So close we have become, the end of your blanket cannot be discerned from my frail naked body.


I’m just a soft wet blanket. Come over here and sink your teeth into my nutter butter. Spray your syrup all over my face and down my throat until it fills my lungs. I will cram your bottle in my mouth and suck it dry.


This microwaved bottle of log cabin is bulged with bubbling syrup! Pressures of this precipice are pronounced and ready to perforate persistent perverts pleased with packing packages in their pre-lubed pie holes!


Burrito cream cake’s made by Zippy Gonzales want to take a bite out of your fecal matter if you have the time, Captain. They want to ram their bologna right up your pooty hole until it comes out of your mouth and through the portal where everything is blue in shape. Whale vagina.


That is a lot of fucking reverb. May I just say this is absolutely horrifying to watch unfold? I think you and the Captain are kindred spirits.


Whale vagina…now there is a song!


You create the topic “Whale Vagina” in collaborate. You’re a mod so they won’t get vaginstipated with you. I’d ask you to mod me up, but I don’t want to undermine holster who wants to keep my down like the Germans after WWII.


Hahhaahahhaa :rofl:


Holster needs to create a CREATIVE PERVERT’S section to this community.


I think that’s what he’s trying to avoid, unless he hides the subject so that only the three of us and BigAl can see it.


Lol :joy:Twisted mentalists.
That should be your band name:
Twisted Mentalists and the rubber fist!


How do you like the woodwinds @FluteCafe?


sweet, sounds like my house growing up with 7 uncles and who knows how many cousins.