Well hello!

Should have done this a while ago I guess.

Great job on the site and good to see so many of RR here.

I’ll have a poke around and see what’s going on.


Welcome home there firedance! Check behind all of the furniture, we left some treasures for you to find.

Make yourself at home you shamrocker

Welcome, FD!

Hi new friend

Welcome aboard! We’re having fun over here. Make sure to jump into the mix contest!! :thumbsup:

Hey there FD, welcome!

Firedance! – Welcome!!
Some sparkling conversations around these parts… dive on in!


Emma has tricks treats!


Hey welcome Chris! Glad you got here. It’s a different look and feel but one quickly becomes accustomed. And I still cannot get over the amazing selection of emoticons! :ping_pong: :atom: :soon: :bomb: :musical_score:

(Someone’s going to try to post only in emoticons before long, if it hasn’t already happened…)


Hello, glad you made it here.

Thanks guys - great to see you all here! :beerbang: