Welcome Christmas

Back when we had the christmas contest, I made a version of this song, and it kind of sucked. So I redid it with better libraries and a better arrangement. I’m officially putting it to rest, but here’s how it turned out.


Better libraries indeed! Great strings and orchestral sounds. I love what you did with the song dynamically also. There is movement in ways that make sense, and yet they weren’t annoyingly predictable. Great timing for throwing this out there too!

I’m adding it to my Christmas playlist. :christmas_tree:

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Damn @bozmillar this piece is beautiful and delicate. I am getting a very sincere/peace/calm vibe, and can tell you were in the moment when you wrote this.

Very cinematic, could be used as background music in a movie. Love it, it transcends the christmas theme. We should have this song load up and play as soon as the site opens( is this possible? Site-wide playlist jams?)

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Although that’d be fun, it’s another one of those things that’d like slow down the performance of the site. :wink:

I do like the idea of a music showcase for completed projects though. Ties back into the idea of going beyond just recording and mixing.

I do like the idea of a music showcase for completed projects though. Ties back into the idea of going beyond just recording and mixing.—@holster

Definitely could fit it into bash section…like a testament to bash. I know the idea was thrown around @recordingreview

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Something similar, but that would also be cool, is a simple player on the sidebar that has just the latest 10 BTR songs submitted. Just a music player and a link to the thread. That way you can quickly audition a few songs without leaving the page and find the ones you want to comment on.

I’m pretty sure that would require hand coding, but it would be pretty nifty.

Oh yeah! Let’s research that! I dig that idea.

I put in a request on their forum. We’ll see if one of the plugin guys are up for a challenge.

Soundcloud onebox is an option AND we wouldn’t have to host as much. Might be a good option for showcasing the completed projects.

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If you go with the onebox option, you can just upload the songs on soundcloud and have them linked here in a sidebar? I like this idea and it would showcase finished projects. I believe trying to achieve what @boz was suggesting, would be a pain in the butt having to shuffle every mix over to the site.

I really really like what boz was getting at. Having the latest entries to bash pop up on the site player, with a clickable link to their post, could add momentum to bash this recording!

Just envisioning people coming to the site and having this player (always visible) Would
encourage people to dive into that topic

######now I am just showing off

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