We Three Kings (Rock Version)

Here’s another in the series of rock Christmas carols I’ve recorded. All comments welcome. There’s lots to bash here. :astonished: I’m curious to see who identifies the most obvious flaw in this song …?

Merry Christmas, my fellow IRD people! :partying_face:

We Three Kings

I listened to this because of your ROFL jingle bells parody 3 years ago!!!

Very cool with the modulation and the switch to from 6/8 to 4/4 meter. Nicely done.

In the song itself? Not a lot to complain about honestly!

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Thanks, Jonathon !

Oh !!! I’m surprised that anyone would remember that !
I’ve been listening to that and my other Christmas song recordings recently. That Jingle Bells version is pretty hyper and animated sounding. I kind of laugh a bit inside, when I hear it. :rofl: Great to know that you remember it !

There’s a particular performance issue that seems to really stand out to me, but I don’t want to reveal it just yet. It’s a fairly big flaw but it’s easy to miss, if you’re enjoying the vibe of the song. I can’t remember the reason that I didn’t correct the issue…Maybe I missed it at the time or maybe I had planned on returning to the song later to correct it. But, I guess it doesn’t detract too much from the overall feel of the song.

Well, I was curious about the song, the initial description and the previous comment.
I really share it by the way and the song works really well to me, lead vocals are stunning and the arrangement deserves it.
About the flaw you mentioned, it’s not that obvious because I only saw something a bit odd about panning but I’m not really that confident it was the flaw :confused:

It’s another great job from you, congrats!

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Glad you like this @ncls ! Thanks for commenting!

There’s something in my performance that is flawed. I don’t know how I missed it initially. Maybe I liked the “feel” of the song and so I overlooked the flaw…Or, maybe I was in a rush to finish it…Or, I might have planned to return to the song at a later date to fix the mistake. I don’t remember the reason that I didn’t correct the mistake.

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Thank you for reviewing my music! Now your recording: it has a majestic sound, which is appropriate. Now it speeds up. Now it kind of has a pop punk vibe. Vocals are good, and so is everything instrumentally. I didn’t notice any significant flaw. Kind of funny to have a punkish Christmas song, though I thought it was well done. :slight_smile:

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So far, nobody has seemed to notice the flaw. I thought it was a fairly big flaw but now I’m starting to think it’s not really that obvious. I don’t want to mention what it is yet because I’m curious to see if someone can find it.

Thanks for your comments, @aaron_aardvark ! :+1: