We all get lost ....rockish

James gave me permission to use his phrase “we get lost” I started a demo a bit political I guess. This song will resonate with “older” folks. ha ha chirp please

We all get lost lost

Too much useless information… strainin on my brain Em A
I think i’ve hit saturation close to goin insane Em B7
Who is lyin this time ….and how much will it cost
Times are really tough out there…No wonder we get lost

We all get lost…watchin on the telly and don’t know who to believe D A G D A

We all get lost at what we’re hearin again we’ve been deceived Em C A

We all get lost cuz we’re thinkin back then that what we heard was true

We all get lost cuz liars prevail… they’re common for me and you Em C A Em

I need a distraction….my thoughts I must reset Em A
Try to sort thru all this crap…but nuthin’s happened yet Em B7
Too much change much too fast…but can we stop it now Em A
Impossible to to turn around I just do not know how Em B7…Em
I don’t know how


Very well done Paul, I love the vocals and is that you doing harmonies?

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Very well done Paul, I love the vocals and is that you doing harmonies?

Hi James Yes I can sing high when needed. I’m not happy with the song. I have some better ideas including a bridge. Too busy presently for the studio. take care

Cool tune Paul, I get a real group sing-along vibe going on for some reason. Personally I’d look for something a little more off-beat with the drums through the verse section to accent that E - E - G - F# riff, then you’d get more impact from the chorus when the beat straightens up again.
Extremely relevant subject matter to the times we are currently living through.
It’s hard sometimes to be swimming against the current and trying to keep your head above water in a river of bullshit.
Turning off the TV is a good start.

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hi guy We are celebrating the fourth today and i had four beers. ha ha A record for me. Waiting to darkness and fireworks. I am using Studio One drums with few choices. For example four choices for fills. i will load EZdrummer tomorrow and see what I can find. Great help. Thanks much…no to sober up

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Have one for me mate, hope you have a great day.

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Hey Paul, I really like the chorus in this… not so sure about the verses.

I really like the concept of the song overall, but the rhythms are a bit “ohm-pah” for me… I wish it grooved a bit more in a cool way, if you know what I mean.

Great to hear you keeping on creating!

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Straight talk I love it. Great point. I will see what happens today with a hangover. First one in many years. My band members and I had a 4 hour bs session. Great to do a “remember when” The singer/artist was poor at this celebration and we came close to storming the stage in a rogue takeover.

Much of the media is total propaganda. I think your song sounds really good! I like the grit in your verse vocals. Guitars & vocals sound very good! Nice audio quality per usual. :slight_smile:

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