Waves VSTs

Waves VSTs
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Waves is having a pretty nice sale going on.
Are there any must have plugins that you suggest that I look at?


I don’t have many Waves plugins… I use Waves Nx all the time, but it’s not on sale. The one I picked up recently was Abby Road Plates (reverb) and I really like that one so far.

Don’t forget you can demo any of their plugins before you buy!


I got the abbey road plates on the black friday sale. Something like $29, incredible bargin.
Its really a very very very good reverb. This along with the Softube TSAR1 has now got me pretty much covered for every reverb situation I want.

I have a few other waves plugins but the ones that make it into pretty much every mix are the CLA-2A and Kramer Tape (I dont know how it compares to their other tape machine).


I was going to say the plates as well. H-Reverb is pretty cool as well.


I don’t know that i will ever want another plate now that i have the little plate from soundtoys. That thing is just something special.


Ah you just reminded me I snagged that one for free when they offered it. I still haven’t tried it, but I totally will!


I would love to have one of these!!!


Not even remotely the same, but did you ever see this thread?


That was supposed to be a joke.

That’s pretty cool!!! I don’t think I could build it, but I’d love to have a real plate someday if I had an enormous amount of empty space! :smiley:


Huh? I meant that my reverb instructions weren’t like the plate.


OH! ~ HA!!! I thought you were informing me that the SoundToys Little Plate wasn’t remotely the same as the physical EMT plate. Dude…too funny. Lost in translation…right?


Yeah, towards the east the accents keep getting less and less intelligible until you get to Germany, and it’s like they’re talking in an entirely different language.

I figured that much was obvious, that’s pretty funny that you thought I felt that needed to be pointed out.


Do try it is a beautiful thing.


Yeah I gave it a try–it does sound very nice! Reminds me a bit of the reverb that’s included in iZotope Nectar. I’m also missing the pre-delay built in. But it has a great sound for sure, and I love how long the tail can get–that’s something unique about it vs. the other plate reverbs I have.


yeah i am finding that despite the mix knob on this and slate digital’s repeater plugin i am still having to throw them on an fx bus to get the sound i am after. It has been a bit of pain actually having to come to that. Actually it was when i was mixing your song that i realized that funnily enough.


I like the 140 plate in altiverb .atahe Abbey plate is very hungry .Hornet tape is far the best tape plugin ive heard .Kramer tape has been around for a while now but still very good .Slate tape dont get a look in here