Waves v11 update hassles. Caveat emptor FIXED

A heads up…

Waves v11 is out. I upgraded from my v10 only to find that now my projects do not recognize any of my plugins, I would guess because the v10 versions are now gone and have been replaced.

This is frustrating because I actually thought of that prior to upgrading, and called Waves support to be sure that wouldn’t happen. They assured me the v11 plugins would load seamlessly and all my configuration settings for the plugins would be remembered in my project. Not the case. Very annoying.

In addition, several of the v11 plugins can’t be loaded even in a new project. Talk about not ready for release.

I am presently on hold with Waves’s support, hoping I can find an easy fix. This is awful.

Deja vu all over again. Sorry you’re having troubles!

I had problems with all my waves plugin settings being lost when I “upgraded” to v10. I spent hours on the internet and talking to waves customer support, deleting and reinstalling plugins, and it was all a waste of time. I never did get it figured out. I’ve come to the conclusion that you just can’t update your existing waves plugins if you ever want to open a project using them ever again without remixing it. It really sucks.

UPDATE: problem is fixed. Ultimately, I got my project settings to migrate v10 plugs’ settings to v11. It does work…

However, it was a major hassle. I could never have done it on my own. I called Waves’s support and they fixed it. Their support is amazing. Patient, friendly, knowledgeable. But it took over an hour on the phone. Re-running the installer, re-transferring licenses, uninstalling v11, deleting v10 waveshell files, running v11 installer again, running some kind of repair from Wave Central’s settings. It was awful. Absolutely stupid.

This should have been seemless. It was not. That’s actually a couple hours of my life I’ll never get back. Very annoying.

All said and done, my morning is shot, but problem is fixed.


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That’s good. Glad you had better luck than I did.

Thanks for the heads up. V9 to V10 was pretty smooth. Good to know I should wait several months before moving forward. I do intend to Wup everything. My Wup is lapsed right now, but if there’s a valid reason to go to V11, I’ll make the jump because I can upgrade their entire library for $225. The more of their plugins you own licenses for, the more cost efficient it is to pay for the Wup.

Man, some of those Renn plugs were in MAJOR need of a better interface. I’m glad they finally addressed this. I do think at the end of the day, a comprehensive Waves bundle on sale outweighs the overall long term value of a Slate Everything subscription, but I’m cool agreeing to disagree with others here if they disagree :wink:

Just curious if you know, are the plugins they are selling now the v11, or is that an upgrade path? In other words, when the Black Friday sales get rolling and you buy a Waves plugin, is it v10 or v11? I wonder how one v11 plugin would get along with many v10 plugins if they are selling the new version on single plugins?

Any new Waves plugins will be v11 and you will have to deal with their version/shell update nonsense if your plugins are not WUPed (Waves Update Plan), unless you pay to WUP all of your “out of date” plugins, which will then move everything to v11.

Out of curiosity, I checked what my WUP would be on the Waves site and it was over $400… So, if I were to get a new plugin from Waves, I’d have to try and make v9-v10-v11 all work because I won’t be WUPing anytime soon. The v9-v10 update was such a huge PITA for me that I won’t likely be picking up any more Waves plugins for awhile. I’ll see if their Black Friday freebie is worth trying to get 3 different Waves versions going on my system. (Disclaimer - some folks are doing the 2 or 3 versions just fine, so it may work fine for you.) I’m on Waves v9-v10 and finally working, so I don’t want to mess with it…

FYI, check out everyplugin.com if you’re picking up and Waves plugins or updates or upgrading to bundles. They will even discount your WUP (if you choose to go that route). He’s got a page where you can send him the info and he’ll quote you a price. Koby is a good guy to deal with and THE guy in my book to go to for Waves stuff.

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Thanks! That’s kind of what I thought. I don’t think I want to mess with it at all. There’s nothing I need from them at this point, and I’m sure there will be lots of other plugin mfr deals coming around in the next 2 weeks or 2 months.

For sure! Here are the ones I usually check:



(I got a fabulous deal on Melda’s MTurboReverb and MTurboCompressor here last year!)

…and there’s lot’s more!

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Also, FWIW, I updated my Waves plugins on a second computer, my MacBook Air, and I experienced none of the difficulties I experienced first time around.

@miked described their upgrade policy nicely. So, this is not an update, it is an actual upgrade to a newer plugin, hence v 11. So long as you’re within the timeframe before your WUP expires, no problem. So, my Gold Bundle was purchased just under a year ago. So since I’m within the one-year update window, it didn’t cost me anything. Had I waited a few weeks, it would have cost me a little bit of change.

Also, FWIW, they did not add anything to my bundle that wasn’t already there. I do not observe any changes other than cosmetic. No new features that I can tell. I was hoping they’d at least introduce resizable windows for cryin’ out loud! What is THAT anyway. Many of my plugins I don’t use cuz they’re too tiny, even though they’re great plugins (E.g., R-EQ).

Hope that helps.

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Right. I guess my concern would be having to have all the new version Wave Shell stuff in place just for maybe a couple of new plugins. Not that it would be a problem, just more junk/stuff on the computer. I think I’m running 8, 9, and 10 at the moment. I have been through a number of these transitions, starting with version 6 about 11 years ago. Maybe even earlier than that, I can’t recall for sure.

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They gave the Renaissance plugins a shiny new skin so they they could “upgrade” everybody to v11… Yes, I’m jaded in case you’re wondering. :slightly_smiling_face:

But really, I just hate all the BS marketing games.

Mike and I are on the same page. Nothing but cosmetic changes, AFAICT. Silly, really.

Full disclaimer - I wouldn’t know if they added any functionality to the Renn plugins because my 4 are still on v9… :slight_smile: