Waves TOP 20 plugins – $29 FLASH SALE

Waves TOP 20 plugins – $29 FLASH SALE


Waves is having another $29 flash sale. Supposedly, this lasts 48 hours.



Does anyone use CLA Vocals? I keep hearing good things about it.



I do. I like it. I’d say its definitely worth $29.


I do too. This thing is worth $29 to me just for this one fader. I turn everything else off.


I think its hilarious that they are calling that a top 20 best sellers sale.

Does anyone seriously believe Waves sells more Butch Vig and Abbey Road Vinyl licenses than R-Vox and H-Delay licenses? lol.


Exactly! Lol. I keep it at the end of my chain just for that. I dont turn everything else off though, I usually leave the EQ and compression in the middle and turn the reverb way down and the delay a couple dbs down.


I really like the effects chain that’s firing under the hood of all 3 of those Spreader, Wide, and Stereo settings. I’ve read and watched his vocal processing videos to have a pretty good idea of what that thing is doing, but the time it takes to build any of those 3 effects chains can be not worth it considering how low the doubling effect is riding in the mix sometimes. I use that thing because its so damn fast to implement.

I don’t like the compressors. Those are always off. There’s just not enough control over things the like the attack/release times or the compressor chain to make these work. When you deactivate them you have to turn the yellow buttons off AND pull the fader down to remove them from the chain. The Waves guys told me that.

My beef with the verb is that you can’t side chain it or route the delay back into it.

I wish they would add wet/dry knob to these. That would make it a hell of a lot more usable. Fader up does not go 100% wet and because of that you can’t place this on a bus.


I bought it today. Maybe I’ll put it to use sometime soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


I seriously wish the Butch Vig plugins at least had a better/usable GUI. I’m so turned off by it, I won’t even try it.




It’s not that I think the gui looks bad exactly, but it is layed out weird. I turn the output down when I am trying to turn it up pretty much every time I adjust the output because of how that stupid knob thing works.