Waves plugins not loading after update

I am having a problem with some Waves plugins not loading right in Reaper on some some projects after I updated my Waves plugins. They load fine on any projects I added them to after the update, but on any earlier projects that I saved before updating I get a message saying “The following plugins were in the project file but not available. Reaper will keep their configurations but things may not sound as desired”. Like I said the plugins load fine on later projects. Is there any way to get them working again without having to re add them and starting all over dialing them in?

I can’t imagine that Waves would change the directories where they install or anything like that, but that kind of does sound like the case. Is it a VST2 vs VST3 thing maybe, because they are stored in different locations?

I had display issues after this last update. In order to get my Waves plugins working again, I had to uninstall them and roll back to the prior version. Major PITA. I can’t believe the update is not backward compatible. So I am done buying Waves until I upgrade my DAW laptop.

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Wow! I was browsing on this forum JUST AS I WAS UPDATING MY WAVES!!!

When I read this I hit force quit immediately! Thanks for the heads up guys. @Jclampitt, call their tech support line in the morning. I’d be curious to see what they say!

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I don’t know if it is a Reaper thing or not. I’ll open up an old Sonar project to see if it has problems as well.

Weird. They loaded up fine in Sonar and I haven’t messed around with Sonar since before updating Waves. So it must be a Reaper problem.

Hey @Jonathan, the disclaimer for my remark is that my DAW laptop is old and under powered and I cannot update the graphics card, so plugins that use newer OpenGL calls don’t display properly. The new Waves update started using OpenGL and didn’t allow for backward compatibility, so I was screwed. BTW, Unfiltered Audio and Eventide Audio both kept the ability to turn off the OpenGL, so those plugins will work with my system.

My guess is that @Jclampitt has something going on with Reaper since the new instances work.

@Jclampitt have you tried replacing the non-working plugins with a newly updated instance?

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Yeah, I can do that, but those plugin settings I had were a good chunk of my mix. I was using a lot of waves plugins.

Yeah, and you can’t save the old plugins’ setting as a Preset either since you can’t instantiate it. Arrrg.

It might be worth it to roll back to a previous version yourself, unless it IS just a Reaper thing…

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I wonder if rolling back would mess with the newer projects that have the updated plugs already on them. I don’t know, it’s just really weird and annoying. Luckily I just switched to reaper recently and there’s only one project that has the un updated plugins on it, so it’s not the end of the world if I have to redo some work on it. This could be a big problem in the future though if I update my waves plugins again, especially since my newer projects are for other people.