Waves GTR3 and RVox on sale today only :)

Waves has GTR3 on sale for $49 and R Vox for $29 today only.
Use the link below and get 10% off… Yes…to be totallly transparent, I get a “reward” in my acct as well… :slight_smile:


GTR3 is my amp sim of choice 90% of the time and can’t be beat for 40 something bucks
RVox is killer for bringing vocals way up in your face or pushing BGVs back. Also good for lead gtr
Anyway… just a heads up if you are in the market…
have fun

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I picked up GTR3 last time it was on blowout, I think for this same price. But I have only barely explored it yet… More options to be overloaded by! :laughing:

That’s why I made that gtr sim post back a ways… :slight_smile:
I bought GTR3 for my bro and a couple of customers before I even got a copy for myself. I had it for a while before I realized how good it was.
Just go to “mono amp”, set your knobs at all 6 (or +1)(1 o’clock) and toggle thru the clean/drive/high gain stuff. You will have fun!
My go to setting is all 6s on overdrive with a 2-12 open back cab and either an sm57 or a 421 (o and off axis). I’ll do a 1/2 dozen tracks with the same axe like that…

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Sounds cool-- will check it out. What about other f/x like tremolo, phasers, and so forth? Good selection there too in your opinion?

Yup… a whole array of pedals and fx. You can do pre-amp or post
I end up using an amp by itself most of the time. But then I can add “gtr stomp” before or after.
Most of the time if I’m going to use pedals before the amp, I’ll put the stomp on the track/item itself and the amp on the insert and then maybe a trem/verb after that. I’ll usually print the pedals and such on the track and render the amp in place as well.
Here’s another trick:
I’ll severely bandpass he DI before it hits anything in GTR3… so it’s seeing maybe 100-200hz to 1000-3000hz at the input. Takes away any chance of the “fizziness” folks hate about sims on higher gain stuff…
have fun

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Thanks for the info Rich! I also EQ my instruments first in the chain before the signal gets to any amp or processing as SOP. No sense in amplifying/processing unwanted stuff… My Heritage 535 semihollow in particular needs the crap high-passed out of it before it goes anywhere, thing has a huge bottom end. And depending on what I’m doing to the guitar, I often EQ after the amps & f/x too…

Just so you know @rjwillow, we’re fine with you posting “reward” links on occasion. No worries :wink:

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Yeah… sorry about that… :slight_smile: I was going to post just the heads up on the plugs since I mentioned them in previous posts. But I figured the 10% might help some folks.

Yup… I print/render everything anyway each time I apply an fx/amp/etc. Then I have an audio file and treat it like any other mic’d amp and process however needed.
I just did a gtr track where I used gtr3. I did one amp with an sm57 and printed it, then did it again with an re20… So it was like a single amp mic’d with this common combo. Sounded pretty cool… and no phase issues! :slight_smile: