Waves Diamond bundle US$249 one-day sale 5 Oct 18

Waves Diamond bundle on blowout for US$249, whereas their regular price is US$2,999. Hard to beat that price I reckon… Available at the Waves website or at Audiovox, so I assume all the plugin vendors have that price too.

Were you thinking about buying that?

Tempting for sure.

Mixed feelings. One the one hand, 68 plugins for $249 is about $3.66 per. Can’t imagine they’d ever be less expensive than this. They have some classic hardware emulation, a couple of which I already own, and I also have the GTR amp sims, but all the rest would be new to me. They’ve been around for a long time and have a very solid rep.

On the other hand, Waves interfaces look a little dated, and the Waves Central install portal is less user-friendly than I’d like. Much of what these do I am sure I already have other software for. And in terms of workflow, I’ve come to rely more on integrated sets like Izotope rather than a flurry of individual plugs. Do I really need these? Probably not. I’m already faced with paralysis by analysis much of the time when I’m working on a project, having so very many options at my fingertips.

Plus, I have been scolding myself for not having gotten anything done in the studio since I did the Fever cover, and that was the first tune in several months. Told myself, no new plugins until you complete another song! :grin:

So I’m torn. Will have to decide by tonight!

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Don’t forget all the extra time you need to learn how to use these plugins :grin:. I haven’t done anything very useful since Fever either. About time to stop plugin fever and get some recording done!

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Ended up skipping it. I asked myself, would I go buy these 68 plugins even for $3.66 each? Answer was probably not. Held to my resolve, not buying another plugin until I complete a tune!

So now its on sale for $400 instead of $250. Right? I feel real bad for any chump that unknowingly spends $3000 on this bundle. That’s just not fair in my opinion. The same way I felt really ripped off when I paid $1800 for Nuendo and the dealer (Sweetwater) didn’t bother telling me that there was a competitive cross grade that could have saved $800 then didn’t do anything to fix it. (Especially since the reason I qualified for the cross grade was I bought almost $60,000 in PT hardware from them). ~Sorry. Rant over.

I had to get setup for a show before I had a chance to chime back in yesterday. I think you made the right choice. I didn’t want to discourage you and I think you went about assessing the decision wisely.

A lot of the ‘value’ of that bundle in my opinion is the sound restoration software. Its not cheap, but its not great compared to Izotopes. And its stuff I don’t think a lot of people use. I also noted right away that you have the Scuffham stuff, and its way better in my opinion. Also, I remember you buying one of the standard Izotope bundles a while back. You already have the equivalent of much of this. Waves Comps, EQs, Limiters, and MBC’s are all accounted for in your other plugin sets. I don’t think you missed out on much.

There is one plugin simple to use and highly effective plugin you may want to look at - that’s the Maxx bass. It helps bass guitars translate more consistently on smaller systems such as phones and laptops. And it makes balancing the bass/kick relation tons easier. I saw @ColdRoomStudio use it on a thread, tried it myself, and its one desert island plugin that I absolutely hate to be without. I don’t know of any other plugin that does what it does (though I’m sure there are some). I place it on a bass track and twiddle these two knobs until you can hear your bass clearly with the subwoofer bypassed. There’s no firm criteria on where you place these controls. I just nudge them until I hear the bass come through better. Powerful and easy little bugger to use!


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And today, it’s a one-day sale on their “Horizon” bundle for $299… Looks like Diamond plus another 7 plugs. Same logic applies here I reckon… gonna pass. Will keep an eye open for the MaxxBass to go on blowout though, and demo it in the meantime…

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You mean to tell me you don’t need a good surround sound compressor? lol …besides that thing and those Kramer compressors, I don’t see much of a difference in that package.

What reverbs are you using? I can’t remember what you have.

Hell, I can’t remember what I have, could hardly expect anyone else to! :laughing:

The reverb I go to most often is called Fusion Field, by QuikQuak, which comes as part of Mixcraft. MC also comes with Kjaerhus Audio’s “Classic” plugin set, which includes a reverb (along with a chorus, delay, phaser etc), and a KarmaFX set of reverb, delay, chorus; and Equalux Orb7000 (mostly a mangling verb). I have a similar number of delay plugs, most of which also come stock with MC, but my go-to there is usually Boz’s Imperial Delay.

I don’t believe I have actually purchased a separate reverb, just used these many options that come with Mixcraft. And just for completeness’ sake, here is the list of Waves plugs I own:

Bass Rider
CLA Bass
CLA Guitars
CLA-2A compressor
CLA-3A compressor
Eddie Kramer bass channel
Renaissance Bass
Scheps Omni Channel
SSL G-Master Buss compressor

I’d highly recommend demoing the Waves H reverb. Besides the MaxxBass, that might be the next plugin I’d add to that collection, but wait for it to drop to $29 of course. Mixcraft has a multi-band compressor? Correct?

I’ve never been picky about delays. My go-to is the H delay, but only because of how simple and efficient the layout is.

How did you end up with the 2A and 3A but not the 1176? I thought you grabbed the classic compressors bundle. No?