Watch me butcher a pop punk classic from 2003

Hi all. I was gone for a while. Happy that yall still here after so long. I decided to take a break from writing and recording after I finished an EP back in Jan ’19. I needed that.

Now I’m trying to get back. Here’s the first thing I wrote in so long. It’s a cover. It is also the first time I have vocals and synths in a mix. At the moment it is unfinished, but I want to hear from you guys if I’m in the right direction. Cheers!

P.S. I got the original vocal stem from youtube and changed the tempo.


I really like the rhythms. It sounds good too me, but it almost sounds like Djent in certain parts. I liked the parts and the arrangment. Not too many problems really, except it sounds a but muddy when the low toms and guitars are playing together in the middle section. There are other things that could be changed, but I think they are more personal taste and overall it sounds good.

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If that’s ‘butchered’ then there are no words to describe what I do to songs! :wink:

I think it sounds great and definitely in ‘the right direction.’ Catchy and melodic.

Glad you’re back!

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Man, these statements are confusing me. You wrote this song but it’s a cover song? What do you mean by those statements? Is it an original or is it a cover?


Hi @Wicked, it’s a cover, I took the original vocal stems, wrote and recorded the rest of the instruments. :pray:

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Ah, that sounds like fun. I’d like to have the vocal stems for some of my favourite hard rock or classic rock tunes, so that I could record the music in my own style.

You’re doing a good job with this song. Looking forward to hearing more stuff from you!

This is like anti-karaoke, @JonniKELANA!

But you really did a strong job on the instruments, not being familiar with the original. It is very energetic, maybe too much, but that may just be my tastes.

Hey, I’m not sure you really butchered it that much.
From what I heard, it works pretty well to me and you had to deal with how the stem track was processed, then find to how to complement them.

The only thing I found odd is the level differences between verses and pre-chorus, I found the first ones a bit light and the second ones a bit heavy.
Maybe some automations could enhance that.

By the way, great stuff and nice work I should say!