Wasteland - The Scratch Mix (Updated Once)

Wasteland - The Scratch Mix (Updated Once)
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Posted this mainly to ask how it’s coming along, any feedback is appreciated, even if it’s cruel and will make me cry.

Numba 2

All right, adjusted some EQ settings and tweaked a few things, and I went compressionless on the master bus. Don’t know if I’ll leave it that way, just trying it out.


Seriously digging it so far! My first listen was from my phone and it was distorting a bit on occasion, so just a heads up on that.


It’s possible, might be your phone though. That kick is a monster. Thanks for the feedback, the luscious reverb will blow your mind on a stereo.


I’ll check that out! There is a ton to like on this mix so far :beerbanger:


Like McDonald’s, “I’m Loving It!”. The reverb on the vocal is luscious. Flange on the guitar gives it a little more drama. Nice Clownpenis.fart!


Sounds really good. I’m listening on my BX5 M-Audio studio monitors.

The singing is really nice.

I might brighten up the clean guitar a little bit…, BUT I really don’t feel confident saying that. The mellow warmth of the tone you’ve got right now is relaxing and suits the vibe.


I updated that shit, see what you think, or don’t. You’re a free Canadian sex God.


I’ll check it out.


I’ll check you out!


I like the guitar EQ more on this second version, BUT I’m listening on my laptop this time…I did compare the two version on the laptop though, and I prefer the guitar in the second one.


I can’t tell between the two. The volumes were so different when I switched to the second one it was hard to tell. All I know is her voice/song is scary good.



One thing notice is: the lowest frequencies (low-midrange) in the lead vocal seem to really be lingering on the reverb which compromises intelligibility. I’d try experimenting with a high pass filter on the vocal reverb or TDR Nova. See how much you have to cut off till the vocal sounds “clearer”.


You’ve got it commander Rock.


You did some nice improvements on the next mix, kudos man!!
To me, the new one has more dynamic coming from the drum kit. Good job!