Wasteland - STARLAND mix (Martin Fabricius Buchwald) deleted!


I have removed the link for my mix, because I cannot add an mp3 file to the topic as I am a new user, and that is a criteria for entering the contest

I wanted to keep the feeling of the original tracks but enhance the room and make it dreamy.
I added piano, drums, strings, and used the solo guitar as a layer for the last chorus.
I had to move some of the vocals a bit to make them more on the beat.

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Hi MartinStarland,

I liked your effort.
I like what you did with the vocals.
I get what you say about the room and the dreamy vibe but I believe you overdid it a bit with the reverb leading to a slighly “muddy” sound.
Clever use of the solo guitar at the last chorus.
Two more things I would suggest in order to get more clarity and seperation.

  1. A bit less low mid frequencies. I think it’s the violins you use at this area of the frequency spectrum. You could lower them or take out some of those frequencies.
  2. More LCR panning on the instruments. Like the solo Gtr on the last chorus.

Good luck!

Hi Martin Starland,

love the general tone. But must admit i did not like the string you added, that are maybe a bit
out of scale (IMO).
Just a matter of taste probably, but i need it more simple…
One thing, just lower a bit the amount of reverb.

BTW nice try !

Hey, nice job and bold choices you did.

Original mix from 1st post

By the way, you remove the link but it stills available by going back in time to find the Dropbox link :+1:
So I did it and upload here so other people can give you feedbacks.

Mixing wise, I agree what ManAbyss pointed out and I found some of your choices a bit disturbing and it doesn’t help the song to me.

Nice job by the way, really personnal work I found and that’s part of the contest as well!
I hope you had some fun playing with that song!!

I like the strings although I feel they’re a hair too loud. The vocal right before the guitar solo sounded muffled to me and the guitar solo sounded a bit distorted.

I liked the use of strings; especially when the drums and piano came in.

Things I would prefer:
Not have reverb on vox and dry/different on gtr and other instruments
Different note choices for strings at the beginning
Different vox fx for “radio” sound with background vox
Not have the gtr riff continue when vox chorus comes back in

I like the gtr solo

I was wondering where the 1 missing mix was… thank you. my OCD craving is now satisfied lol

honestly in this mix he had a good thing going, wished he stuck around for feedback, there are piano additions in there that are really sweet. Contrabass once tamed could give a really rich depth.

I think just removing some extraneous effects (megaphone, radio etc) and scaling the distortion down, this could be such a rich mix.