Wasteland - RooseTheGroose Mix

Wasteland - RooseTheGroose Mix

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Beautiful song. I tried to create a mix with natural ambience.


Sounds as though it was mixed by an angel, you. I would have never thought to use that much reverb on the snare, but you pull it off somehow.


Appreciated. On occasion, one must learn to appreciate the reverb and its ability to transform a piece into a more natural and echoic version.

In short, reverb makes my manhood quake.



Very delicate, great mixing.

You chose the dry and natural way to make it, and it works, better than I thought.
I think I chose the opposite, maybe you will tell me.

There is a little noise on guitar, I told it to everybody so far and I am sorry for that, but… :slight_smile:

The ending is not my taste so I will punish you severely with an 8.

Very well done, see you soon @RooseTheGroose.


Wow, very bold choice being that dry (except on snare), specially regarding what the reference track is!
I found it really works well but I found that the slow rhythm let lot of holes without that long reverb filling them, but it’s a matter of taste after all.
I didn’t catch the point of your ending, I’m sure it would be obvious but I didn’t get it :confused:
Mixing-wise, I also found that the mix lacks of low end, like it needs some bass guitar or so but you move that track away…

By the way, very nice and balanced work to me, good job!


Great job.

nitpicking/personal preference

  • would prefer brushes for the drum set
  • gtr solo was softer than kicking back into the chorus, whereas, I would have it the other way
  • backward masking at end was different, but kind of ruined the mood for me

…again, comments are more preference


Good job.
I would cut some of the low frewuencies of the main vocals. Maybe use a HIgh Pass filter at around 100Hz or so.
Maybe the Backing Vox could be a couple db lower. They sound to me a bit loud comparing to the main vox.
I like the snare reverb.
The ending… I could do without! :blush:
Good luck!


Good job!

  • vocal has too much room reverb
  • vocal needs some volume automation…
  • good separation however overall in the mix!
  • too much compression on snare no?
  • I’m personally don’t like how sit distorted guitar in the mix


The room of the vocals is too small. Have to feel like it was recorded in a huge room.
The balance is good.
The snare verb doesn’t fit with the rest of the tracks.
Why did you put a distortion on the distorted gtr ?
Btw pretty good one


I like the overall levels and also the small room feel. Ya know, come to think of it Maybe you could have added some more verb starting with the 2 verse to build the song more. I’m getting the feeling the mix was done on head phones? I think the mix is lacking some low mids.I would go back and look at span to check things out and also check out your hi pass filter settings. The ending that’s funny love to hear the story behind that.

Nice job!


Not digging the backwards masking, otherwise, good mixing choices overall.


Great Mixing overall balanced and personal. I personally prefer the dry approach myself for this song myself (personal preference and not a judgement on the mix) . Love the kick, snare and guitar!
a few aesthetic things here and there, clicks and pops in the early vocals still prominent but no big deal.
The drop chorus at 2:45 - 2:50 has a great buildup, however the vocals at 2:48 could be pushed back a bit in the mix but that is a style thing.
Great Mix RooseTheGroose!


Ya the guitars are really distorted, not a bad mix but I really didn’t like the end. Scared the shit out of me at first.


Great mix


Nice take on this song. You could have automated the vocals more and pulled them back a touch in the first verse. Thanks for sharing.


Come on, Tate. Don’t be the PMRC. Roose, I think you scooped the low-mids a little too much, I like the vocals though. Sounds like she’s in the same room with me, instead of at the bottom of the Grand Canyon like some of these other mixes. Nice work.


God, I love this fucking mix! Really, I think the EQ choices are impeccable. I’d have pushed down the highs on the vocals more though, they’re coming across as harsh. I’m not so sure about the lack of reverb choice, or should I say, late reverb. There’s a lot of early reverb. I assume you were trying to make it sound like she was in the room with you. Good job homeboy. I especially like how you controlled the kick. Best kick drum in any of these mixes. The ending is also delectable. Love the Satanic backmasking.



heard once more on old Samsung Earbuds (terrible ones) - previous pass was on AV40s (Treated room)

Mix translated well on the earbuds. Not much to add that hasnt already been mentioned.

A simple suggestion I would make is to crop/fade the ending consonants at times, specially if harmony vocals and main vocals have different emphasis on the ending consonants, it gets a bit distracting. Example is 0:53s , quick and simple polish :slight_smile:

Other than that, no peaks, no crackles on the earbuds, nicely translated.