Wasteland - Noobishh mix

Hey guys, I just tried to make the song work, hope I didn’t screw up that much.

Used mostly waves and soundtoys stuff. Altiverb for vocal.

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It’s hard to give objective feedback on other mixes when I’ve listened to my own so many times, but I’ll give it a go.

The balance feels pretty good. The vocals feel a little over compressed to me. The vocals were originally gated, or at least sliced together, and when they are compressed this heavily, you can really hear the gate going in and out.

You’ve got the de-esser or equivalent up too high where it’s actually detracting from what she’s singing. The guitar is much too compressed, and I agree with Boz. I think you went a little hardcore on the compression on everything in this mix. The snare sounds super cool in this one though, really thick like coffee creamer. If you have less effects on the vocals, I think it would drastically increase the emotional resonance of the song. Try backing off the de-esser to see how it sounds then, and then slowly move the threshold back until you find the place where the sibilance is controlled without detracting anything from the performance.

I like it.

I like what you have got going on for the most part. I feel like you could have created a little more dynamics by not pushing the vocals so hard on the verses. I feel like the intensity you have them set at right now are good for the chorus and bridge but could be less intense on the verses.

Wow, I didn’t expect such a nicely balanced mix since you “just tried to make the song work” :slight_smile:
The reverb is well chosen, the drums are present enough, main guitar leads the songs properly, there is some dynamic… really nice job to me.

As others said before, some compressors are that transparent where they are working and I also found the vocal too soft on the mix.

Congrats for that mix!!

Very nice. Over all great mix. I like how you handled the background voice for most of the song with the whisper on the edges.


Right at the end, the “who knows” could have been treated differently to be more prominent, and the ending was a bit long and ended on an unusual note to end on.

Hi Noobish.
Nice balanced mix.
Here’s my few suggestions.

  • A high pass filter on main vox. Also maybe on its reverb.

  • I would prefer the kick a bit louder since not much low end is present on the song.

Nice snare sound and a good job overall.

Good luck!

I think you little bit overcompress main vocal…it needs some life. In other things it pretty much good mix.

Hi. Cool job and softness here. Agree with little problems here and there, but cool.

Apart from a hard vocal compression, nothing hurts my ears there.
Just a nicely balanced mix.
I found that the solo sounds a bit thin.

Congrats Noobish

Not l lot to add here. Pretty good and balanced as everyone has said. To me, and this may be just a preference thing, the high end sounds kind of crispy or harsh. Like I said, probably just a preference though. Nice job!

Overall nice mix. Nothing to add that hasn’t already been mentioned.

I think the compressor itself is working beautifully, had this been a romantic ballad, this mix would be my favorite. Its got a Clapton vibe to it imo …

Nice mix.

Good job

Aliverb is a beast!! Nice job!! the desser a lil too much! But overall nice!!! That verb is sweet @1:41 !!! Love it!!

Thank You everybody for great comments.

There is a good amount of compression on the vocal and that caused me to fight the sibilants which I think are fine later in the song, I just now realize it’s too much definitely at the beginning.

I did HPS the vocal below 100hz. Vocal reverb has HPS at 150 and LPS at 8k.

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Thanks for giving details of your mix :+1:

Hmm, didn’t you mean HPF instead of HPS?? or is it S for shelf?

this mix translated nicely on my old samsung earbuds, had previously heard it in AV40s in a treated room.

A few things that stood out more on earbuds, the vocals gets a bit nasaly in parts where it wasnt originally. Not too much of an issue but might want to check eq at around 2k or 3k.

Some other very simple fixes could be cropping the ending consonants in vocals and harmonies to match (i see this in most mixes) so they don’t end at different times. Example “Its a wastelan(D)” the ending D has different reverb tails with harmonies and gets emphasised like at 0:55 , 1:14

Its cool in parts as well though where she lets out a “desperate breath” like at 3:26 , leave those, those are cool I think.

Guitars sounded really good on earbuds.