Wasteland mixed by Coiled Ear

Wasteland mixed by Coiled Ear

Hello! This is my entry. Write please your thoughts about possible problems and so on…



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I like the intimate/in the face mix you have going. A nice balance to all the elements and great clarity. I feel like a touch more reverb would help tie it all together just that more. Also there is a wierd dip in volume at 3:02 that just doesn’t work.

Hey, cool mix you did.
I found pretty balanced and spot on. The drier sound works nicely but I wish to get more room reverb on the vocal track to glue her more in the mix. It sounds way to upfront to me and I’m not sure it’s really what the song needs.
I also found that your mix lacks of some low end, even when there is no bass guitar.
The drum kit specially.

By the way, nice work, I hope you had some fun with that song.

Nice mix. I agree that it lacks some low end. I’d also prefer the background vocals a bit lower. Other than that, great job! Good luck!

I had the same problem with the GT hum I just heard a mix and he used the Izotope’s RX essential suite worked great.

I like the feel you have going on. There’s something with that lead vocal sound. I’m getting this nasally I think in the 1 to 2.5 range…I don’t know if it’s a parallel track thing (saturation, compression) or the Eqing of the main track. I would be interested in how you processed them. I like the balance of the guitars in the 2nd verse works nice to balance things out. The lead GT could have used a little more hi cut and also maybe a little dip at 3.5 to take some harshness away.

Hope this helps .Nice job!

Good mix. How did you process the kick drum?

Soundtoys Decapitator in parallel saturation.

Cytomic The Glue with the shortest attack, EQ to remove boomy sound. Also it affects by master - vintage lo-cut 50hz by Black Rooster filter to give vocal little bit up.

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A really pleasant mix. If I’m trying to find something get picky about, you could have possibly clean up a bit of resonance at 17.5 k on the main vox, and the BV’s seem to be quite dominant in the final chorus. Nice job.

beautiful orchestral sounding kick drum - loved it!
Vocals are nice and upclose. Well mixed.

some small things:
harmonies are are a bit off possibly because of different reverb / delay parameters around 1-1:20
guitar picking is panned too far right.

Smooth mix!

Love the balance of the stereo field! Vocals a lil too dry but sounds great. BGV sounds airy and smooth!! A lil verb on those vocals and they’ll be epic!!!

Not much to say on this one that others haven’t commented on already. I hear a little to much guitar noise than I would like but it’s a nice mix.

already did my input previously (monitors AV40s, treated room) this is an earbud pass (hearing all mixes on some terrible samsung earbuds)

  • seemed to translate fine mostly, not much to add other than what was previously mentioned and mentioned by others. the volume dip 3min was more evident on earbuds

Submitting two pieces of feedback on every mix now? What a girl scout. I refuse to be outdone. I’ll be listening on three different outputs now.


its called bored wine and cheese day

though i should add the disclaimer - input might have been made inebriated

Fuck. I want that prize, but I’m busy. I will leave all the feedback I need though. I’ll put the mix on a wax cylinder and see how it adds up there.

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if you win, remember who was cheering you on #pompoms #sharetheluv

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Luv, not just love. Like Kix. Hey, this mix is pretty good, use this as a reference track.

If we had the internet in mass in the '80s about #sharetheluv would’ve been highly offensive. Since that was exactly what they didn’t want you to do, for obvious reasons.

Is that part of the “more cowbell” conglomerate (but only on chorus)? :blush:
Thanks for sharing that! (cranking the volume up…)