Wasteland-Mix By Jerze

Thanks to @Cristina @ikmultimedia and IRD for the contest.

This was a tough one to mix. I only added one part to the song had some ideas just not the time tho .I spent most of my time automating things cutting parts down and just trying to get a good blend of the different part that where provided. O and the hum sound lets call that a analog vintage thingy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the listen.

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Hey @Jerze, this was a good mix! You featured the main instrument very well - her vocal. Nice FX and tone choices. Just a couple of notes: I felt the phasing FX on the main guitar was a little too much. Towards the end, rather than smoothing things out, which I think was the intent, it started to draw attention to it and kind of cut through the mix. The level automation between the verse/chorus was a little too abrupt or too much. Again, this was a good idea to create more energy in the chorus and solo, but I felt it changed by too much. I really noticed it after the first chorus, the vocal level really dropped off for the beginning of the second verse. These are really just minor things really. I think you got the balances pretty well and nothing really jumped out in a bad way. Nice job on this - especially the vocal!

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@Jerze , a great mix overall!
Some small tidbits here:
I thought the addition of the chimes were a brilliant idea, the pitch of the chimes could use some adjusting to accentuate the song better.
The background vocal delay at 3:30 is great but the delay timing needs a bit of attention, the faint echo is a bit conflicting with the timing.
The analog hum is part of the electric guitar track, I noticed it too, It seems fine.

Drums were blending really well, great work there.
I liked the Chorus and the creative ending :slight_smile:

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Jerze, good mix.

love the chorus you put on the main gtr, but i’d prefer it in parallel (maybe too present)
Lead vocal could be a bit louder.
I feel a lack of bottom from the drums.
Nice ad lib !
Nice ending too !

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Nice vocals! Nice Gtr. Is that a chorus on the gtrs?

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Really nice, even with the analog vintage thingy.

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The main (edit sorry I meant guitar track) guitar track seems too thin and that makes it really grating. I am not sure what you did with that but a little less and i think that it would all mesh better. Other than that i am really digging what you have going on. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Jerze,
Voted a while back but I just got a chance to comment.
Good job! Nicely balanced mix.
The Main Gtr effect reminded me of “Nothing else matters” right from the beginning. :smile:
It could be a bit lower though in order to give the lead vox some more attention.
I like the solo gtr tone and level.
The lead vocal could use some compression or automation at the final chorus as some syllables get lost.
I really like the kick you added at the outro. Could work even better if it was a bit louder and repeated in every meter.

Good luck to you!

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My listen:

Nice touch with the chimes.
Pretty good balance overall between the parts in the mix.

On my monitoring, I am hearing a spikiness in the high mids that is a bit sharp and generally could use a bit more air on the high end and something to fill the low end. Not an easy task, since there was not a lot to work with in that area.

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already did my input previously (monitors AV40s, treated room)
this is an earbud pass (hearing your mix on some terrible samsung earbuds)

Vocals translated beautifully very very smooth

Everything else seemed to translate fine mostly 99%,
" I dont need you ANY way " - word “any” peaked and crackled at 2:48

Not much to add other than what was previously mentioned and mentioned by others.

ps: loved the ending

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I dunno about the main guitar effects, the main guitar in my mind was an anchor to the song, I would have left it dry. The vocals sound like they aren’t quite compressed enough, or they could use some gain adjusting brother. I’d have hit the threshold harder, upped the ratio. LA-2A emulators are some of my favorite compressors on the vocals, gives it a nice clean and lean tone. If you slap a faster compressor on in front of it, it’s like magic. I’d also consider using multi-band compression on the vocals, maybe TDR Nova. Set it around 7kHz, and then drop the threshold to the point where it’s cutting out all that bright harshness without hurting the actual tonality or performance of the vocals. For this song, I think it’s appropriate to reverb the shit out of the drums. They sound like they were recorded in a carpeted room in this mix, very dead, which can sound good, but they don’t fit the song. It’s a very ambient ballad type of song, and sometimes you have to make decisions mixing that might not always sound the best, but will sound the best for that song. Mixes that get out of the way and let the performance shine through. Those are my suggestions.

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Hey very nice mix and another flavor for that song.
I’m amazed how many different results we could get with a song not so fancy, in track count!

By the way, the chorus effect on the main guitar is quite obvious and very prominent, why not. But I found it eats lot of room and therefore the main vocal, specially on the first chorus, is a bit mangled on that part.
Later when the song gets busier, the balance is very nice and all the little work you did is very spot on for that song.
What I wish on that song is not killing the dynamic since there is a lot here and it seems you did some automation to counteract that dynamic.
But it also a matter of taste and it’s just to be picky.

Really nice job man!

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