Wasteland Guitar Tracks

Hello all, I’m new to this web site. working on mixing this track. I like we can make modification to the tracks. My question is, is there information regarding the guitar rig used on these tracks. I want to add some guitar but want to keep the tone and feel fron the original guitar tracks. Any information would be very help full. Thanks.

Hi @Tmsky69 and welcome!

I used a Fender Strat into my Eleven Rack. I know that for the main guitar, I recorded through the modeled version of a 1966 VOX AC30 Top Boost amp. I’m not sure about the rest of the guitar tracks… it’s likely I used the same amp model for at least some of the other guitar tracks, but I don’t recall. Obviously there’s a variety of effects as well, but I’ll leave that to your taste.


Thanks for sharing your rig information and must of all the song. Beautiful vocals on this song.

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