Wasteland _ by Cristina_Mixed by Tim J

Hope you like my mix, tried keep it intimate going into spacey feel.

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really cool mix, like the proximity you kept on it.
Nice modulation Fx on the gtrs, but i’d prefer it in parallel, maybe a bit too present.
Nice piano.
Still some ils to clean for me, nothing.
Love the kick but could be better with a slow attack comp.
Really nice vocals.
I just miss a bass gtr or synth.

good job, really

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Haven’t rated many mixes here yet, but this is also a hard contest to judge with a decent mix to begin with … so I had to use one my own cooked up methods to come out with a fair rating. I have broken my feedback into scores and categories as Mix Engineering Related and Non Mix Engineering Related.

Non Mix Related (half weight)
Feeling (emotion delivered)
Score: 4/5

The song itself had a lot of emotion to begin with and you did well to preserve it. Most likely could have polished the vocals a bit more with some slight tuning and virbato effects here and there but I understand if you took a purist approach.

Creativity (additions and their effectiveness)
Score: na/5
I did not notice any additions, but I have also not dissected the track deeply yet. If you added anything please specify in description so I can rate them properly

Mix related (full weight)

aesthetics (effects)
Score: 8/10
Overall the aesthetics were very good. Wise compression choices.
The delay is not in synch with the harmonies which throws the sibilance levels around.
Reverb on the chorus is a bit muddy

Balance (tone, levels, clarity)
Score: 8/10
Good rich tones and volume levels over all, nothing feels drowned out. Clarity is good, low end reverb could be cleaned up a bit that is clouding the resonance a bit after the chorus

Total score: 6.67 (7) calculated using partial weight method as [(4+0) +8 +8 ]/3]


Nice mix. I like the vocals, smooth and even throughout. The kick is just right and since it is the only low frequency in this song, it’s hard to get right. Drums seem balanced and all instrument levels correct.

My only criticism would be to have a little more spread/width on the guitars.

Man I’m really digging hearing everyone’s take on this. I dug the chorus on the clean guitar, that was cool. It was nice to hear the hum removal as well.

I think this is the first song where the guitar solo was just a tiny bit to loud compared to the balance of everything else.

Very good job man.
Love all your sounds and the balance between them.
The only little thing that bothered me are some “mouth” sounds heard in the first part of the song.
I don’t think they add to the feeling. They are more a distraction to me.
But as I said that’s only a small detail.
Great job!

I like this mix. Good job!

wow lots of effects on the guitars and then the vocals dry give a nice effect. I think there is maybe too much separation between the vocals and the instruments but i like what you were going for. Thanks for sharing.

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Sounds as though there’s too much attack on the snare, but I think that’s also a limitation of the original recording. Sounds like the vocals are cut too much in the midrange, I would have done a less processed approach because the song’s pretty good on it’s own. It’s pushing the top end and low end too much without the mids. I like your sense of space, definitely not a boring mix.

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This is a pretty good mix. I thought the vocal was too dry and too present, but you got a very nice and pleasing and warm tone. An interesting choice on the bg vocals during the chorus - they sounded “eerie”. (?) Like I said, I found it interesting but don’t feel it quite fit the song. The snare was just too loud. Another thing that stood out to me was how you handled the kick. The reverb or however you handled it really filled out the low end nicely. Wow! The yell/solo was like an explosion! Maybe a bit too much, but it still worked.

I think if the vocal were pulled back and sweetened, and the snare pulled back in line with the rest of the music you’d have a really nice mix. The highlights for me was the tone you got on her vocal and your treatment of the low end/kick.

Thanks for all the critiques, I haven’t been mixing all that long and so it’s good to get some good feedback. I hated the delays, I forgot to bypass the delay on “Quadrafuzz” on my BGV. Oh well. I enjoyed mixing this song, I thought she has a great voice, going to go finish mixing the song with some of the great advice I got here. Good luck to everyone!

Tim J

great mix, great dynamics, not overcompressed.

I liked the dry vocals initially, but could be wider, maybe stereo width, hass or something similar.

delay is a bit on the higher side, it echoes and mingles and makes harmonies hard to listen to.

My suggestion would be to sidechain the reverb and delays if not already, lower the decay to around 1.5sec and apply a subtractive eq to the reverb and widen the vocals.

Great mix overall, well balanced.

I really liked the guitar solo!

Hey, very personal mixing I found.
I really like that you did what others didn’t and so your mix is yours, not a copy of something else or just raw tracks with a bit of comp/EQ/delay…

I can’t really add anything after all previous replies and I really share those thoughts.

Top advice, very spot on and precise!

Nice job anyway!

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Those delays are haunting me like they are haunting in the track lol, i decided to try my DAWs Quadrafuzz plugin for saturation on the BGV and did not turn off the built in delay. I kept turning down my main delays at the end just said to myself “is it distracting or is it something interesting?” Thanks for the feedback. My main 1/4 and 1/8 note delays were sidechained, but low just for spatial effect. Thanks again!

Delays are very tricky: how much, how long, how wide…
And it should fit the song and enhances it by the way.
It could also be another flavor of reverb :smile:

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Here was my latest revision, Vocal in intro still a little loud

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I’m detecting an irritating vocal overtone at around 10kHz, that could be reduced to make it sound nice and smooth with some multi-band compression in that area. What’s great about that is that it also smooths out the vocal sound without losing some impact like EQ can do. It’s only gonna cut when that harsh overtone becomes harsh, depending on where you set it as part of the threshold. I think the snare is too punchy and dry for the song, it seems to attack listener, which would be good for rock, but this is a much more mellow type of… adult contemporary (?) song. I’d try to smooth the whole thing out with some luscious reverberation. Then and only then can you bring your audience to eargasm. I’ve noticed a lot of people using the delay on the vocal before the solo, and I don’t really think it emotionally works for the song. The solo is supposed to be the climax of the song, and having an echo of the section before seems to listen the impact of the transition.

Now focusing on that point and I agree: some little sounds (“t”, “p”…) on high end sound out of the song on very few moments.

Nice work with your revised mix by the way!