Wasteland (Big Al Contest Mix)

Wasteland (Big Al Contest Mix)
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Thank you!


Applauds for not processing the vocals and still being able to achieve a decent balance for easy listening. I love dry vocals for this song in particular however, vocals can be dry but still have width and dimension. It could have used a bit of spread and stereo work. Maybe a bit more bite at the consonants.

All in all a well balanced mix, Great job!


Thanks, FC!


Overall it’s a nicely balanced, smooth mix with very little audible frequency build ups, and all the elements seem to have their place within the stereo field. I’m not a huge fan of the dry vocal, but I think if you’re going to go down that route, and keep it intimate, there’s probably more work that could of been done as far as level automation. 1:31 to 1:56 is a good example of the main vocal needing a bit of fader riding to keep it out on top, it just gets slightly buried, as it does in various other places throughout the mix. All in all a solid job nonetheless.


Like what you did with the vocals


I like this. I think the balance is petty good.


Sounds nice and natural!! With some referencing you could polish it a lil more!!!


Thanks for joining. I think the vocals could use a little more cut out at 600 hz then pushed up a bit more for my taste. Also think that running all the elements through the same verb that is heavily eq’d to cut the lows, highs and 2k region helps to mesh everything without sounding too verby. If you want just a slight touch of each sent through is hardly even noticable but does bring things together.


Thanks. I really like the specific things to fix being pointed out. I find it really helpful. Maybe I’ll get the hang of this. lol


Yeah part of it is being able to sift through what is personal taste and what is really going to help you to achieve the mix you want.


Hey, very personal mix you did I found.
The not-so-processed mix is very efficient for most part of the song and as others said it’s also a matter of taste.

The balance is very nice, specially without doing so much processing. But as expected, this song needs more work on levels to keep the nice balance that you finely tuned at first.

By the way, it’s a very nice point of view of that song. Really nice job!


did a pass on earbuds - really old samsung earbuds- previous pass was on AV40s in a treated room.

This mix translates on earbuds exceptionally well, to a point it makes me think if you mixed em on earbuds lol
all levels and balances were good, no tone problems.


Hey, Big Al!

I listened on monitors and headphones, and it sounded nice and balanced on both.

Minor constructive critique:

To me, personal preference of course, this song cried out to have some depth created by reverb and delay, so I did find this mix very dry overall. I thought the guitar and vocals could both benefit from some effects to add depth.

Perhaps vocals could use some increased compression.

I thought the second guitar could be brought up in the mix.

Also thought the background vocals could be brought up in some parts.

Good job!

Happy Friday to you!



Oh Big Al, you show so much potential. You’re not trigger happy with the effects like some people are the first time out. I bet that belly of yours is filled with love and joy, and also the tears of the people you’ve offended since that’s what you’re drinking out of that mug. I gave it a second listen because FluteCafe is going all the fuck out. It’s pleasant to listen to, which is an accomplishment for first timers. Most people don’t get that. Stick to your guns, if something sounds good, don’t try to fix it unless you have a clear vision in your mind of how it would sound better. If you go out on a hunch, make sure you keep a backup save of the good mix.

Dillon (Clownpenis.fart)


Actually, I mixed with Sennheiser HD 280 pro headphones.


Big Al,

I completely agree with Dillon. I do think you have to listen to the criticism to get better, but kind of take an AVERAGE of the good and the bad and you will likely find the truth.

You will see that sometimes one person will say X is too loud and then next will say X is too soft, maybe the person’s monitors are made of paper mache, etc…

Some of it is technical, but much of it is preference, so, my advice is to listen to the notes, take what you can from it, probably throw out the worst and the best critiques, but then ultimately follow your heart! I can tell you have a big one! Keep on having fun.

My two cents!


this is actually a great mix, a bit perplexed why it was underrated a bit low 5s. Its simple, its clean, its tuned and its effective.
A bit on the less adventurous side but it is still a solid mix.