Wasteland - A Serious Mix Fixed Vocals (UPDATED)***

Clean up. Tried to cut out some of that low end on the main guitar. Flanged up the solo section so it wasn’t dull. Bash away. I can handle it. I’m a real man.

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Hi! Very clear mix, I like the balance and the intimacy. No plugin overdose. That"s a simple and efficient mixing. Just the flanger on solo guitar is not my taste, and there is a little background noise on main guitar. Really not a lot to complain. Good luck!

More than you’d probably think, but I don’t go nuts with what I use like some people. Dial in it without going too far. I think the guitar part is boring, maybe I can hire Vinnie Vincent to do the solo.

I updated this mix. I’m waiting to submit an entry because a party of mine wants to redo the solo and add some bass guitar.

Excellent dude


I added a bass too, so that’s a good idea! @CPF :wink:

@YoDudeRock wanted to add an orchestra, because he’s a man of taste and endless class.

I guess we are not that kind of men, or lazy, or bass players.

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Well, he’s the guy that’s going to add the bass and redo the solo, and we’re going to share the fruits of his labor because he is the greatest man I have ever met.

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lol I see how much he will charge you for that orchestral manoeuvre.

Nothing, he’s mixing it too, and we’re close. Basically synchronized to the heartbeat.

Lovely. I’m waiting for those remixes then. Did you listen to mine btw?

Oops: I just saw your post.

Very good mix I found, very spot on to me: guitar and vocal are really in front and I think it’s what the song need.
I found that it lacks of low end (except kick drum) like you use too much hi-pass filter :confused:
I found the flanger on the solo not that bad, a matter of taste I think.

Again, nice work!