VST2 vs VST3: What's the diff?

Subject line says it all. What’s different in VST3 compared to VST2, and what are the benefits of using VST3?



Yeah, abd vst2.4? Whats it all about?
Is it just a more secure way of making them so they aren’t as copyable or more stable?
I no idea

I believe VST3 is a newer code base … C++ IIRC. Supposed to be better, according to the VST “source”, Steinberg:


I see that multiple MIDI inputs/outputs is one benefit, could be nice with VSTi3 plugins (virtual instruments).

I noticed that while my VST2 3rd party plugins (i.e. non-stock) in Reaper didn’t “do” plugin preset lists very well - or at all - the VST3 are able to handle them internally to the plugin and not rely on Reaper’s odd/unworkable presets file extension requirements. One of the few downsides of Reaper IMO … I haven’t been able to figure out the limitations of that one.