Vocal effects, processing?

Thanks Stan, I am trying this right now. You are like the Richard Simmons of tongue exercises. :tongue:

Thank you Wick and I honestly couldn’t tell you. My guess is that its head voice.

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It’s a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. :muscle: :wink:

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I’d urge caution in the tongue gymnastics… overthinking what you are doing could really wreck the vocal flow. There are many schools of thought re optimising vocal performance. I’ve tried a bunch of them and for me, opening the voice fully and richly is more of a whole body experience. Being aware of sounds that cause sibilance takes practice and with practice and a greater sense of awareness you can dramatically reduce the issues over time. But if there are issues once you have recorded, well, there are a bunch of tricks available to sort them out! :grinning:


Thank you for the review! Now your song: piano sounds very nice. Kind of unusual you have the vocal panned to the right; they did stuff like that in the 60’s at times. It works OK though. Nice singing, and nice song! Everyone has their own idea how much and what type of effects a person should add to the vocals. I suggest experimenting with delay and reverb effects and see if you like it any better. I never use one, but some people use De-Essers to tame the S sound. What state or country are you from?

This is a really nice tune! Love the piano and chord progression on this. You’ve gotten a lot of good suggestions, so I’ll hold off. Looking forward to the update!