Violence Was The Answer

Violence Was The Answer
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Hi everyone,

Little over a year ago I posted here a song that needed lyrics and vocals , but had no luck with it. I listened to some lyrics and singing that didn’t really fit the song from other websites and friends, so I decided to go in another direction, and after seeing the LA Riots documentary on Netflix, I thought it would be a good fit for the song to use audio clips from news and speeches about the subject. So I did some research and a lot of editing, I finished it and I’m really happy with the result. I wrote the song, mixed and mastered, played bass, all rhythm guitars and co-played lead with Alexander K ( he played the kick-ass face melting last solo), and Andrea Spaziale played drums. They’re both from Kompoz, great website to find musicians to collaborate on your songs. Anyway, that’s a long speech already. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you like heavy and fast songs!


That is really well put together. It almost felt like a sound track or something with the narration that way. I’m curious if your prior version was just a musical idea, or did you already have a theme (this theme) that you were trying to flesh out?


Glad you liked it ! I have this song ready for vocals for almost 2 years, but nothing that I heard made me think it was a good fit. So I decided to use the audio clips


Nice production skills, even if not my cup of acid.
The voice over stuff really works well.
Just had a quick look at the Kompoz website, but the stuff I came across was below par.
How did you manage to find quality colabers?



Musically it sounds very well done.

I like the idea of the news clips as the commentary, but I think they overwhelm the music and make the music sound “small” by comparison.

I think if you restricted the frequency range of the news clips (particularly the low end ie. high passing more savagely), and perhaps even compressed them harder and maybe even distort them a bit (more), you would still get enough intelligibility to tell the story, but the music would sound bigger and punchier by comparison.


This is a good point. I think that may be why it sounded (to me) like a soundtrack to a documentary. Perhaps doing something like Andrew suggests here might pull the clip “into” the music and will make the focus more on the music but still convey the subject matter… Just thinking out loud really.


Thanks for the feedback! Yes that’s a god point. I heard this song so many times and I know the music so well that i can still hear everything just fine under the audio clips. I guess it’s different for someone listening for the first time. I might follow your recommendation when I find some time. Thanks!!!