Video and music production

Hi, thanks to this video, which I did some weeks ago…

… I was asked to do another video, bigger in scope about the same couple - for an international brand. Just submitted the third edit. Eight hours worth of filming over two days, 20 hours of editing - also over two days - for six minutes of video. I even managed to put in two of my own music tracks there… if accepted, the video will be shown in 47 countries… that would make me an international artist, huh?



Is anyone else having trouble getting this to play?

definitely makes me want to order some truffle salt !
Video seems to flow well. I am not sure if I am seeing the full quality or not, it seems even at 1080p there is significant amount of pixelation. It could just be the facebook encoding. Other than that, it seems alright

Ah! There we go. Now it’s playing.

Very nice work :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jonathan, I have now submitted the other video, after 80 hours work…