Variety of Sound Plugins, Where Are They Now?

So I know the guy who does it is an amazing photographer and has a blog going with that now, but uh… what of his plugins? They were top-notch, especially for freebies. If you’ve never heard them, I encourage you to download now as I probably use them more than any other single brand. ThrillseekerVBL (emulates a vintage broadcasting limiter and its transformer) I probably use on every single bass guitar that passes through my workstation. NastyDLA is my favorite delay bar none, having a chorus option and plenty of options. DensityMKIII is a decent compressor, and I use SlickHDR on vocals very frequently. The Nasty Series is amazing at analog sounding emulation, the Tessla Series is commendable, Rescue I use all the time for manipulating the stereo field, PreFix is incredibly useful as a gate and as stereo field manipulator, ah hell, they’re all great. Check them out.

He hasn’t made any time of post on this site in four years now, and I was wondering if anybody knows if he’s just quit audio or if he has any intention of coming back to it. If you want to check out his photography, it’s at the creatively named If you’re reading this Herbert, I love you! We want you back!

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I’m not sure what happened to him. I stopped using those plugins because they were all made in synthedit or flowstone and they were always crashing reaper and/or taking up too much cpu. I don’t know if he started developing under a different brand name? Maybe he does development for other brands, or maybe he quit completely. I have no idea.

I’ve never had memory problems with those plugins, and I have a pretty modest setup. I’m not sure what I’m doing correctly, I suspect that you’re a superior entity to me in most respects except looks, brain, and brawn.

It’s never been a memory issue. It’s that synthedit plugins are just kind of buggy by nature. Also, they are only 32 bit, which means going through the bridge adds an extra layer of issues. Reaper’s bridge isn’t wonderful, so I gave up bothering to use any 32 bit plugins.

Yeah it is sad to see people with talent not able to make a go of it. That is why I buy quality plugins from smaller companies when i can, like boz digital.


I’ve had a similar experience, they were high quality it’s just they were flimsy. I liked all their plugins a lot, except epicverb. Kinda sounded like trash can reverb. Other than that I loved pretty much every single one of their plugins, particularly the Nasty series.

I guess this means “use at your own risk”? Damn, I was kind of hoping to try them out, but I may just have to pass on that, after reading what you guys said.

They’ve never screwed me over, I’m running a 64-bit machine and they work fine. No harm in testing them out.

Yeah, I suppose the worst thing that can happen is that Reaper can freeze…,right? I’ll probaby try them out.

In my experience, reaper doesn’t freeze, it’s just that when the bridge freezes, it blacks out all 32 bit plugins. Reloading the plugin usually fixes it (a full unload and reload, not just bypass). But if you have 20 plugins in your project, it becomes easier to just save your project and restart reaper. More work than I’m willing to deal with fro any plugin really.