Valentine's Day BBQ, a holiday love song

I wrote the first chord prog last night and named it to save, and this morning it grew into a real song, I think. What do you think about 50 bpm and the tempo changes?

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Valentine’s Day BBQ by Steve Bancroft

We were going to a Valentine’s Day BBQ
The sun was shining bright, the sky was blue
The weather was OK for a wintery day
And I was feeling alright because I was with you

We rode in your car with the sunroof open
And the light played in your hair dancing on your shoulders
I entered this agreement with eyes wide open
And inside my chest my heart just smoulders

Nothing else I’d rather do
Than go to a Valentine’s Day BBQ today with you
Valentine’s Day BBQ

My appetite was fully aroused by the aroma from the patio
I’m sure yours was too, after all, you’re only human
Graciously we ate assorted chocolates from heart shaped boxes
And the grumblings of our stomachs were subsumed then

We slipped in and out of conversations as we waited
Devoid of politics and chock full of little girls softball
And the upcoming book fair at the elementary school
As kids ran around handing out handmade valentines

Valentine’s Day BBQ
Valentine’s Day BBQ
Nothing else I’d rather do
Than go to a Valentine’s Day BBQ today with you

Will you be mine as I’ll be yours
Yes I will
At the Valentine’s Day BBQ


Wow, your vocals can emote so much!!!
Very touching and emotional performance.
And there are very rich sounding chords being employed in this original progression.
Well sung!!!

Thanks, Rene! I just watched Bowie sing Wild Is the Wind in the 70s on ROKU, and this song allowed me to get melodramatic. But I did make a technical error on the drums- they ended way too early. So I am adding the new version above. Otherwise it’s identical.


Pretty well done here @steban, it all sounds good. I’m not sure about the tempo changes although the last one seems to work OK.

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This song reminds me also of Pink Floyd and the Doors (that includes the vocals). You singing about BBQ is making me hungry for dinner. Haha! My wife prefers that I talk less about politics at times, even though we have similar political values. Even though this song is a bit trippy also, it has more traditional song structure with a more definite chorus. Nice romantic song with good audio quality. I think I’m gonna eat dinner now! :slight_smile:

This is great! I love the lyrics…such a great blend of imagery, swoon, and subtle humor. The style of music and your voice meshed perfectly. Very cool, thanks for sharing!

I agree! For some reason, Frank Zappa kinda comes to mind!