Upper hand Ghostly Beard

Good little track this i think

Clean…reminds me slightly of the doobies at first. Is this something you put together? When you say good little track, I wonder ….?


Cool mix Takka! It’s crispy! :slight_smile:

I hear a bit too much harshness/distortion(?) on the lead vocal though, which I’m not a fan of. I wonder if it couldn’t be made “mellower”?

Apart from that, well done! :+1:

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Only mixed The mans below fine work

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cheers mate I agree

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Late to the program. Been dealing with distractions. Anyhow…

There’s something abut the eq on the vox that I don’t care for. A honkiness or mudiness somehow.

Apart from that, NICE mix. Love the guitars and the arrangement. The bass is perfect. The intro is crisp and perfect and catches your attention from the get-go.

Did you do any of the instrumental? Love this.

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Thanks for the feedback very happy with that.No didn’t play anything on it just the mix