Under the Hood Mixing Series

Hey gang,

For my band, Something Once Forgotten, I am doing a short video series called “Under the Hood” which is designed to be a little insight, behind the scenes break down of tricks and aspects of a mix and other tid-bits of trivia regarding the song. I aim to make it accessible to common, non-recording folk (the lesser kind of people :wink:) as well as informative enough for us mixing, recording people.

Run time will be 5-10 minutes per episode, nothing too flash but I’m hoping some of you will get a kick out of seeing what’s happening in a mix. Nothing will very technical and it is really just highlighting some things that the casual listener may not pick up on, or to show the inner workings of some sections of songs.

Is this section the forum the best place to post these and would the moderators prefer I just make one thread and post each on in that as a home base for the topic or am I better to start a new thread per episode? I am only doing an episode for new releases (we have our next EP out in just under two weeks) so it won’'t be super regular.

Whatever the case, I hope it will be entertaining and informative for some of you. Watch this space…


seems like a great place to me. I’m excited to see them.

Looking forward to them.

Don’t be too excited. I’ve done one and it came up well but it really is targeted towards people who know little to nothing about how a song is mixed and just pointing out a few features, tricks or little anecdotes about it.
I’m hoping that home recording folks may gain just a little “oh, that’s cool” or “I had forgot about stuff like that” moments. There will be no “and I set the threshold for the parallel compression to a ratio of 50:1 for better attack…”

I’ll have it up here next week.

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