Una Semana Sin Ti ,mix

Una Semana Sin Ti ,mix

Do you understand it lol ?

Using my high school Spanish classes as a reference, and not cheating with Google, it’s obvious the title is “A Week Without You”. I can pick up a lot of the words, enough for context I think, that it’s basically a love song and a melancholy tale of missing someone. Maybe something about “I’m sorry I hurt you and now I’m getting drunk to drown my sorrows”. I’d have to parse written lyrics to get more of a sense of it.

Interesting song, I like it. The drums/percussion sounds a bit MIDI and artificial, though not bad. I assume you only mixed existing tracks on this. The piano solo is a bit strident in the mids, it could perhaps be mellowed to some degree (mellow vibe overall anyway) with tape saturation or something. It’s just a bit too ‘pluncky’ sounding for me, though a beautiful melody. I understand it’s the focus during that part, but I think it should be more warm than brittle for the desired emotional effect and impact.

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