UK based mastering engineer

UK based mastering engineer

Hey all!

Just joined up so thought I should introduce myself. I’m a UK engineer/producer, and I run Sound Sauce, a studio where we do mainly mastering, and the odd bits of mixing and production too. I’m just starting to post articles, tips and tutorials too, and I’m just joining up for a community of musicians and producers to maybe get some article ideas :slight_smile:

So yeah - nice to meet yas!



Nice to have you here. You’re one of the gang now!

Welcome to the Forum Ben.

One thing I’ve learned about this Forum is that people are wonderfully honest and wonderfully unjudgemental (I know that’s not a real word). One of the, if not the best forum I’ve been part of.

By the way, you’re based in Sheffield correct? How are things up there in one of my favourite parts of the world?

Sounds terrifying!
Things are super - been up to 22 degrees lately, so super sunny. And working from home (which means I can disappear for a few hours on a bike ride without anyone noticing)

Welcome aboard. Glad you found us.

Hi Ben - Nice that you found us! Glad to have you here…

Feel free to join in and start a topic (preferably on music-related and music production-related topics). :grinning:

Hopefully you’ll find us talking more about music, production and recording than otherwise. :roll_eyes: :grimacing:


Hi There. I am the old one here. I will make tracks till I croak. Glad you are here.


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Welcome Ben!

Thanks folks!

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@baw_23 Hey Hey!! Welcome. :slight_smile: Good to have ya!