Ugh! My mixer died :(

The computers that boot and load the mixer quit working. I was hoping a local computer place could diagnose the problem and that it would just be a bad capacitor on the motherboard, or a ram stick. Nope. Power supplies and switchers appear to be fried. Cost over $100 each just to ship them to avid, because each of these things weighs 88lbs. Crazy stuff. Fingers crossed that they can fix it within reason. The entire console doesn’t turn on without the computers that boot the modules.

Fried? Did you try to bring your mixer to life with lightning?

That sucks the big one.

Ouch, that’s a bummer… Hope you get it up and running again soon!

Keep us posted! I’ll be curious to see what transpires with Avid’s involvement on this.

You’d probably need spare parts worth a gazillion to ensure that doesn’t happen when you’ve booked in some aces.
Serious downtime situation…


Power supplys makes sense its the most common to drop out on a pc too…that and RAM cells, right?

Have you had any lightning? Often things will fail weeks later. Transformer windings weaken and short.

Check the fuses.

Then its change parts. If you can unplug the load and see if the power supply works if you can.

damn that thing looks like the StarTrek Enterprise board…lol

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I have a ton of spare parts. I have extra LCD screens, cables, circuit boards, fader motors…hell, I even had an extra system computer. This is ridiculous.

Gosh, I didn’t think to check a fuse. The tech over the phone suggested battery, but it showed no activity when I plugged it into the wall. There are some LED’s on the power supply that were supposed to come in as soon as it was connected to wall plug.

Batterys are usually a backup but I just had one at work that was part of the system so if the UPS battery died the machine was out of power. Usually some led indicator during a selfcheck…like holding the alarm button for 3seconds or some powerup might have a warning of battery low or dead.

I would imagine the powersupply takes the house voltage and breaks it down to small voltages like 24,12,5…so maybe one section is out? each will have its own fuse usually. 24 fuse, 12fuse and 5v fuse.

worth a check

lol. I already sent it back to Avid. OMG was that damn thing expensive to ship!!!

That thing is scary. I have two inputs. Good luck


I cant imagine, the repairs are probably $100 per hour labor? $50?
I send machine equipment out when I cant fix it myself and theres reasonable repairs and some are just sickening expensive and you try hard to find another repair shop for next time.

We leave all of our equipment on 24/7, its easier on it than powering up and down. The big surge of current is in the power up, once everythings online the current draw can be next to nothing. Usually fuses blow during power up,
Sometimes we power up one section at a time, reducing the “slam” of current draw which prevents the circuitbreaker/fuses from tripping out.

Stuff like this Star Trek Console would be unique and not just anyone can fix it, so thats a reality.

Yeah I have a $200 USB interface! ahaa daaang it would just go in the garbage…get a new one.

good luck JK!!! youve always got something big going on.

oh yeah another thing is the muffin fans go out…thats real common on powersupplys and then its overheat and boom shutdown…the fans are often $15…same on air conditioner compressors air cooled with fans.
Thats usually a cheaper fix and the fans bearings going out is really common.

Haha. Right now, so do I.

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Its $150/hr because that thing is out of warranty :frowning:

These fans are $500, and they’re attached to a pretty complex cooling system. I was hoping they were generic, but when I had a local repair tech look at them, he said no way. I knew I was gonna get screwed on parts and labor…it is avid after all. But if anything, I need to find out what caused this and why it happened.

Sympathy to you JK, what a PAIN!!
Wishing you a quick and relatively cheap fix…

how many power supplies is it that blew?

Four in total. There were two in each machine. A primary and a redundant.

and all of them died at the same time? What happened? This seems like something more than just a faulty unit.

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Many years ago, I spent a whole day trying to figure out why my Honda Bol D’Or 750 wouldn’t start…
Stripped down as much as I could. In the end I called the MC shop and asked them.
They said they’d never had any electrical problems with that type of bike…
“Have you checked the kill switch?”