Ugh! I'm trying to simplify the gear list for the website - Having a hard time :(

I can’t figure out what to trim off this. I’m trying to get this SUPER short and concise. I tried to rank them in order of priority, but I feel like there’s still too much going on here.

Game Engine and Middleware
Unity, Wwise, Soundminer

Focal SM9, JBL 4326 5.1 Surround, Crane Song Avocet 2a

Blue Bottle stereo pair (with all capsules), AKG C414, Telefunken CU-29, and an assortment of dynamic and SDC mics

Metering and Restoration
Izotope Advanced, Izotope RX, Nugen, Waves

Avid System 5

Pro Tools HD, Nuendo, Logic, Ableton, Reaper, Digital Performer

Avid HD I/O (x4), HD Madi, Avid 700 series (x12). Motu, Focusite

Complete libraries: Waves, UAD, SoundToys, Fab Filter, Kush, Slate, and Lexicon.
Additional plugins available: Boz Labs, Exponential Audio, Eventide, Melda, PSP and tons more…

Virtual Instruments
-Vienna Symphonic, East West, Native Instruments (Komplete Ultimate and Maschine 2), Synthogy, Spectrasonics, Arturia, Fxpansion, XLN

…do you think it would be sufficient to do this:

Telefunken, Blue, AKG …and call it a day?

…I’m also question in the plugins and VI’s are necessary since the consoles on there. Should I just say:

Plugins and Virtual Instruments:
Waves, UAD, Vienna Symphonic, Native Instruments …and hundreds more?

And once you list those Avid converters, does anyone even care if you also have Motu, Presonus, and Focusrite converters sitting around?

And I’m debating if its worth mentioning guitar amps just by brand leaving the lesser ones out? So:

Guitar amps
…Matchless, BadCat, Mesa, DrZ, Budda, Morgan, /13, and Vox?

Well, to me the purpose of a gear list is more to say “Yes, I have all the junk you need for any situation,” so having a list that’s too big to read is not a problem. People shouldn’t be browsing through a gear list looking for a specific piece of gear. If there’s a piece of gear they absolutely must have, then you can rent it, or they can bring it.

I can say that I’ve never looked at a studio’s list of plugins and translated it to anything meaningful. It might suffice to say “All the software you could need” or something like that. But you are welcome to leave my name up there.

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lol…I’ll do that :smiley:

This is killing me. My old gear list is so out of date its worthless.

I wonder if I should list the game engines and the DAW then say ‘all the plugins you could need’. I really don’t want to go through and rattle all these off.

I agree with Boz that having a long list isn’t a problem. You could divide the list into 2 parts, the first one being the main gear that you use all the time and you think is worth listing, and then a second section that just lists everything. It could be useful if someone has the question, “but does he have…” and they can quickly just do a CTRL-F and search for it to find out.

Thanks Cristina. It seems to be the consensus to just toss it all up there. Did you mean a shorter overview of the most relevant gear, then a link to a complete list on a different page? Some studios do a PDF download, but I was advised to stay away from that.

It could all be on the same page. Like if you just had 2 sections–at the top there’s the most relevant gear, maybe in a larger font or made prominent in some other way, and then a horizontal divider before the rest of the gear. Something like that is what I had in mind.

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I might be missing something? I thought you were not recording artists anymore and just dealing with gaming audio and movie scores(?). Artist I could see gazing through the list for some audio plugin nirvana, but these business’s just want results. Maybe the gaming engine is critical and if you can produce a 7.1 surround sound, but I do not see them diving into your plugin lists.

If I hire a carpenter, I could give a rats ass about what hammer he uses. I am only concerned with results and yes maybe I would want to know if he/she at least has a hammer.

That’s a good point. I thought about axing those completely. The mixer is important, but they’ll see that right away in the pictures. Its a legit competitive advantage here that I can handle large channel counts in 5.1 surround. That was highly recommended by the state film commission. I do think I need to add that I have Source Connect for remote recording and that I can work out of the Avid cloud. That’s far more important than the plugins.

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just being updated shows the site is active. the one with “last updated 1997” always turn me off. lol at least update just to show its not a dead site. right?

haha its easy to offer advice and post… i dont do shit personally…ahahahaa
damn JK your always into something big, go big or go home… or go home big…

that console would be the center piece and the rooms.
the gear list, even Abbey Road lists SM57’s… so I guess put everything you have in there is what some pro’s do?