Ugh! First time in 11 years I've had to cancel a show because I'm sick

Jeez this is FRUSTRATING!!! Under any normal circumstances I’d never cancel a show because I’m ‘not feeling good’. The only other time I can ever remember this happening was when I was about to play a jazz combo set during an private event while working for Disney, and I passed out and woke up in their infirmary with a needle in my arm, dehydrated and barely conscious.

I dunno… my brain tells me since I feel absolutely nasty and gross that I’m quarantined at home exactly where I ought to be, but psychologically it just absolutely sucks knowing that there’s a show going on tomorrow and Sunday that I said I’d be at, but I can’t for everyone elses good.

I keep rationalizing this to myself, though I dang well know there’s no need to rationalize it. Man… this Covid thing just royally messes your life up. And I guess there’s a good bit of anxiety waiting for the test results to come in.



been there! hang in there and stay hydrated. Mucinex DM, Extra Strength Tylenol and Tiger Balm was my friend

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Sounds like a real rock’n’roll story.


Much like the Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain story. :grin:

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haha… Well - maybe until envision the venue we were playing in (think atrium with little kids holding ice-cream cones running around the venue getting autographs from Peter Pan and Mickey Mouse lol)


“Relax, it’s just a little pinprick, there. That’ll keep you going through the show. C’mon it’s time to go.
There is no pain you are receiving”.

Hope your test is negative and you just have a regular bug J… and you are absolutely positively doing the right thing by staying home. You should come into contact with nobody at all outside your “bubble” until you are over whatever you have. Fingers crossed!

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Symptoms man, we need symptoms to give you an online diagnosis. Lots of med might bring you around enough to play. Good luck

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Get well soon, by the way. No sense in taking chances.

Any updates? Hope you have good news.

Yes how’re you doing??
It sounds like a different world over there, in many ways!!

Well… both tests were negative. Yay!

So I guess it wasn’t Covid… I just got real real sick.


sick happens…glad you aren’t going to croak

Great news J! Very relieved, and I’m sure you are too. You do not want to get this disease… it has such major effects on many parts of the body. Hope you are feeling better!

Attaboy! Get back in there and fight. I’m sure you’re relieved; any kind of respiratory problem is scary right now.