UAD Spark. Yet another monthly subscription

Well, Universal Audio hopped about the subscription train. Any of you guys trying it out?

Also curious what Arturia thinks of UA stealing the “Spark” name that they already had for their plugin/hardware… lol

I bought the 1176 a long time ago. I just stopped using it for some reason. I have it sitting in a drawer. Like most everything I use in my studio, I never take the time to figure out how they work? ha ha I think I paid a grand for it back in the day.

Hi holster, feaker,
Talking about UAD, I recently bought the UAD Volt 2/76, USB interface.
I am actually happy with this particular purchase, and the price is right, 150 bucks.
I am not familiar and not technically proficient in the plug-ins at this time.

??? What are they actually giving you? I can’t imagine it’s the entire product line for $20/mo.

Well… it’s not like Arturia owns the word ‘spark’ lol.

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Essentially, yes. Or at least, that’s the long term plan. However, like it mentions, this is for their new native plugins, not their proprietary plugins that require their hardware.
My guess is that they see the writing on the wall regarding advances in processing power of newer computers. The need to offload processing power for plugins isn’t really going to be necessary for much longer.

Wonderful. So my $10,000 in hardware licenses and cards just depreciated into oblivion. Oh well. Welcome to the world of audio I guess.

My giant behemoth mixing console hit end of life at avid last year. It’s a giant paperweight too, now that Mojave is the last compatible OS that it will work on.

I have to admit, guitars and amps hold their value over time quite nicely compared the to their digital counterparts!

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You know, I tried this out via their 14 day trial and it only includes about 20 plugins. Not much that I didn’t ready get with my UAD Apollo Twin or over the years. I imagine for someone that doesn’t have any hardware from them you at least get a little bit of a taste. I mean at their non sale prices any one of the plugins would cost more than a year of the subscription.

I won’t be using it going further.