UA rebate

UA rebate


For those looking to add some Universal Audio hardware AND software to their setup, they have a decent rebate going right now. I mean, they frequently have these deals, but still fun to check out.



That 4-710D has been on my wish list for quite some time. Some day.


yeah i have been seeing this. i would love to get it but just can’t justify or afford it at this point. One day.


Same here! It’s high on my wish list, but money doesn’t allow for it for now. lol


I have mixed thoughts on this. Just out of curiosity, @holster and @redworks, would that preamp really be worth $2k to you guys? Knowing that the card itself with the stock legacy plugins included retails for $700 by itself, would you guys mainly be after the plugins?

I know you guys were talking hypothetically… but I’m curious what makes this appealing?


I think what i am interested in is the compressors, the return and send, the 4 additional line ins, as well as 4 good mic preamps. I can use the adat out into my studio 192 and i have potentially some pretty cool analog thing that works into my current setup.