Two songs as of April the 13! Will return the favor!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “What I Mean” is on top, and “You Have The Time” is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor (leave me a link if it’s not recent). Here is my link:


Hey aaron. no way I can listen to two songs are remember what I actually heard. I do know I like you have the time a lot. It is very unusual and engaging. Sorry, I have nothing else my mind is going bye bye. Just wondering if I am the only one that thinks your intro’s are a bit long. I once was told you should be singing by 15 seconds or the listener will get impatient ??
thanks much for listening and commenting on my last stuff…peace

Music is purely subjective. “Funeral For Friend/Love Lies Bleeding” (yes, arguably two songs smushed together, but always played together on the radio)(by Elton John) has an instrumental opening that lasts over 5 1/2 minutes. But alas, I am no Elton John. Haha. Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it.

Aaron, I liked the song writing - rhythms / melodies. I think that trimming the first song down to about 4 minutes would help its focus. Speaking of focus, and I guess this is a matter of taste, both songs had quite a fuzzy / soft edge to them - perhaps due to use of reverb / distortion - that made the songs sound like a picture that was out of focus - blurry. (I think that was intentional, so again, perhaps just a matter of taste - my preference would be for harder edges, more definition and focused transitions.) The vocal style was very engaging - it really worked well. Thanks for posting - I enjoyed listening to both of them.

Thank you for checking out my music and reviewing it! I appreciate it!

What I Mean and You Have The Time are so cool songs.
Your vocals is so full of emotions, and I am digging 'em!
I am not very good at Helix guitar and I would be guessing.
The guitar solo is very nice, especially in What I Mean.
You are so skilled, and so appreciated, Aaron!!!
Thanks for sharing your talent!!!

Thank you Rene for listening to both songs and reviewing them; I appreciate it!

I just watched the Bowie bio Moonage Daydream, which was well done and really reflected his evolving creativity. He had a proclivity to risk everything trying new wild stuff throughout his career, but always for a goal of being enjoyably entertaining. This song is like that, influenced by T Rex but moving well beyond that, such as that extreme synth lead in the middle.

Again, lovely melody, very 80s arrangement but taken to modern levels. Honestly though, Aaron, I get so caught up in the musical landscape I totally forget to pay attention to the lyrics. You need to find a Talking Heads hooky lyric that competes with all the musical gyrations to dominate the memory of the particular song. I feel you are close to that nowadays.

Thank you for checking out both songs and reviewing them. I appreciate it! It’s nice to be compared to David Bowie since he is my favorite male singer, and one of my favorite musical artists.