Two interesting new integrated plugins

(2) Lifeline Expanse Video Manual | Excite Audio | New VST Plugin - YouTube
(2) Quantum - Before & After - YouTube

Both plugins are really multi effects plugins. I haven’t tried them, just repeating what you can find out from the video’s. I’m curious to hear some reactions.

The first is based on the idea of reamping, but includes some pretty good sounding and easy to use FX (on You Tube anyway) with enough options to dial it in only for parts of the signal (multiband) and covering a lot of ground. Looks pretty handy, but nothing other plugins couldn’t do. Perhaps a time saver because it’s all ready to use and you don’t have to set it all up? The price is very reasonable too.

The second is expanding on what seems to be a trend: taking the idea of the transient controller way further by separately manipulating the transient from the rest of the signal with all sorts of FX. Sounds really interesting, but I’m wondering if it woudl become a worktool to replace others, or only useful if you want to really sculpt sounds. This is the moment when I start thinking: stop buying more plugins and start recording/ mixing! Or would I miss out?

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Nice. I checed both out. Personally, I am trying NOT to buy any more plug ins (aren’t we all) and generally feel that I have all that I need (now that I got Kontakt for half price!). Oh, and of course if Boz puts somehting out, you know it will be good and a must have too!

I liked the first one and could see myself possibly using it. Like you said, it kind of does a lot of things other plug ins do, but as an all in one, simple, clean and from what i heard, good sounding plug in, it could be a time save. It was also a really good price too!

The seocnd one did nothing for me. I couldn’t see how I’d ever use it (or what it’s oevrall purpse was to be honest) other than for designing sounds, I guess, but that is more hit than miss when I try that. In fact, I found several of th examples where better BEFORE the effect! Perhas that’s just me making sure I don’t even think about needing another plug!

Thanks for the share and I may…arrrg… may look into the first one.