Two bare hands

Here we go then ,look forward to hearing some more

It is sounding good so far. I am not sure why but it is giving me the feeling like it is too dry. Like it was preformed in a vacuum so to speak. otherwise good stuff.

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Sounds good on laptop speakers.

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Nice one Al

I’m liking how you seem to instinctively understand that the Best Drum MIDRANGE comes from the DISTANCE Mics. The top and bottom is fine in the Close Mics, no new science there.

Great job.

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Its the rooms that give the depth to mixes.I try more and more to get that.Combination of verb times and sizes,pre delays etc.Goes on and on lol. Massive learning curve

Maybe because the rooms and overheads are slightly gated

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When I do drums, I start with rooms, mostly dialing in the low-ish midrange… then blend in high mids and possibly lower mids of the over heads… delays are often fun, and then Pan all that stuff out…

Then close mics are all the that’s left out, but mostly just the top and bottom end (the spank and thump).

This is a very balanced way of mixing a kit. Very organic sounding, very little phase anomaly.


Sometimes these things are pretty close. So I like the low mid ‘weight’ in this one, but its subtle.