Two bare hands mix contest entry

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I’m confused. Are we supposed to leave feedback or was that a final entry? I thought rough mixes for feedback usually went into a BTR section?

Just wondering.

This is his entry. I added the poll option. I may have to tweak the poll so that it doesn’t show who voted and what their vote was.

Hey there, Alan. I like what you did here.

Guitars sound nice. Nice tone and balance. The vox sound a little thin to me. You did something different on the vox at 0:28 thru 0:33, and again at 2:50, probably just for a change-up. Very creative! Actually, I like that mix on the vox better. Thru the whole song!

The bass seems a little thick and heavy relative to the rest of the band, to my taste.

Band otherwise blends nicely. Good energy.

As usual, good work here! I agree with @Tesgin about the vocals… I really like what you’ve done with doubles to spread them out a bit. At like 39 seconds though it sounds like the doubler comes back a little bit late so it’s in the middle of a word. I’m wondering if the doubles are causing any phase issues as well, which could thin them out a bit. Minor stuff though… nice balance and is a really enjoyable listen!

Cheers guys thank you for the feedback and glad you like it

Nice solid mix as I would expect. Good balances all around. I don’t care for the doubling effect on the vocal however, but that’s a taste thing. I can hear a bit of over aggressive de-essing around the 2 minute mark. This was a hard vocal to deal with. Although I’m sure you’ve probably cranked out 40 mixes since you posted this so can barely remember what you did. :wink: Nice job!

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Cheers mate

Hi Alan, overall a pretty well balanced and full-sounding mix. The vocals are nice and up-front without sounding unglued from the mix. As a whole, the mix sounds very cohesive.

A few observations:

  • The bass is a bit too loud in that muddy range of around 250hz, and it tends to dominate the other instruments.
  • The rhythm guitar is getting a little drowned out by the aforementioned bass
  • The mix overall feels a little too mono - I’d personally like to hear more width in the soundstage.
  • There is an audio glitch @ 39/40 seconds.

Lightening fast results as usual, Alan!

I like the mix, but the vocals switch between being narrow and wide in a jarring way at odd times. Also the kick drum is kind of inaudible for most of the song. Still doesnt sound bad though, everything else sounds good to me.

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Cheers for the feedback guys

Nicely done. I would agree with @Jclampitt I would like a little more presence of the kick. Maybe a little more boom. Although i really like the presence of the bass and that may cause some conflict.

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