Two Bare Hands (mix by miked)

Two Bare Hands (mix by miked)

So, I didn’t have a chance to put this up for a bashing, but in the interest of turning something in, here is my @takka360 style speed mix . Sorry I haven’t had a chance to bash your mixes either, but work and life and stuff have drastically interfered with my studio time. :angry: I’ll make some time this weekend to start voting!

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Hey Mike, your balances and tones are really good generally, if a little more width would be nice… (I only compared it back to back to CRS’ entry, sorry :slight_smile:

  • but your low end bass/kick has issues, prob your monitoring room cancelling important areas…

making the mix a touch wooly. Try checking headphones and trusting those for the lows for a better tonal balance overall.

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Nicely done. I like that you have the kick thumping. I do feel like the energy of the whole mix is a little low. I think that by even bring up a little on the high end on the master bus might do it for me.

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Thanks fellas - good points all. I’d have done well to have some pre-submit bashing. Oh well, hopefully next time around! :wink: Cheers!

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I could stand for a little more low end. Feels a little this to me. I especially notice it right in the beginning with static kind of noise in the intro and some of the mic noise with the vocals.

Love the snare sound you got. It’s a little loud though. Stands out to much. Nice kick. Highhats/class are nice. Bad guitar is thin.

Disclaimer, I’m out of town and not listening on my Sennheisers. Sorry if that’s screwing up my feedback.

In spite of all of the above, I do like this mix! You panned the guitars and synth entirely differently than I did and it works.

Good job, man.

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Hi Mike, nice natural-sounding mix you have here. I really like the overall style and sound of the mix. Good sounding vocals, guitar, bass and snare.

I like the low end in the kick - it is pushing my sub pretty assertively… I wonder if it might be a tad too much down there? It would be interesting to hear if it passes the “car stereo” test…

The main improvement I think you could make would be to look at taming some of the boxiness in the kick - and to a smaller degree in the mix in general. Around that 400hz mark there is a bit of a “cardboard-y” thing happening.

Nice work!