Two Bare Hands Entry

Well, this was interesting! Here is my sonic butchery for your listening pleasure!

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Hey Blair, nice mix!

I really like the vocal tone you got - it deserves it’s place right up in front of the mix. It sounds like you did quite a bit of work to get it sitting nicely and to polish the rough edges. The drums are powerful and organic with good low end punch. Guitars and synth come through nicely too.

There is an exciting live feel, but with a “studio tightness” to the sounds. The ambience provides depth without being cavernous or washing out the mix.

The only thing I hear is a real buildup in the 150-300hz area. I think it is mainly coming from the bass. I tried cutting in that area by around 4dB, and things balanced out much nicer in the low end to my ear. It could be just a matter of turning down the bass.

In any case - nice work!

BTW, I think you might need to put a poll in your OP so that people can rate your mix.


Thank you! This was an interesting challenge that’s for sure. Yeah that bass was all over the tracks, I actually used WaveArts TrackSpacer all over the place to help duck the bass frequencies from other tracks, but I may have missed some :wink: Poll added, didn’t know I could do that! wheeee!

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Nice, Blair. I agree, it’s a little muddy down low. Also some sibilance issues. That’s a tough vocal track. I’m still working on mine.

I like the tone and consistency of your vocal track. He’s tough cuz he moves away, then close to the mic, then seems to turn away from it. Proximity stuff, volume changes, etc. You smoothed it out nicely. I like your verb.

Good blend of guitars. Toned down the harshness of the synth.

Nicely done, man!

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Sounds fine on my laptop speakers.

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Sounds really good on a laptop. I gotta come back to this tomorrow. My ears are a total mess from finishing mine today and I can’t tell what’s what. Total ear fatigue and demo mix bias from working on this Waaaay too long lol. Glad you got a mix in here though!

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Sounds really good,nice and solid mix

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Sounds good! I’m not gonna bash anything about it what with this being the actual submission. Just wanted to say good job.

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yup pretty nice and open feel - but a litle ‘splashy’ in the top end, and could have involved the live mics for the audience more…

If you have spillage, (and I use bucket loads of it in my mixes) use your close mics to compensate (so it doesn’t overpower your most important tones). eg. If its a touch splashy in the high vocal areas, use the close LEAD VOCAL mic to dull it back down a little… your vocal reverb will also love you. :wink:



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Good energy and balance. Well done

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Good job! I have been struggling with the low mids and the high end in my mix, so I’m picking up on those areas in your mix too. Overall very nice mix.

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Listening again, Blair. Really nice mix. Thought I’d comment again after I’ve had a chance to work on mine. The piece that I really struggled with is the drums. That stupid snare. So loud. I like the sound of your kick. Snare has a nice sound but does stand out a bit. I’m finding we’re somewhat limited in what we can do with that cuz it’s in the OHs. This mixing drums thing is new for me. I never realized how important it is, or how difficult it is.

Your drums sound nice.

The balance amongst the instrument and the tone and balance of the vocals is quite good. Last time I commented on your mx I listened to it thru my Sennheisers. This time thru my laptop speakers. It transfers quite well to my laptop speakers. Like this a lot.

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This is a pretty good mix right out of the gate. I am hearing a little sibilance in the vocal. (A tough one for sure!) Some muddiness could be cleaned up. The only other “complaint” I have is the verb on the snare makes it sound disconnected from everything else, like it’s it’s in a different space. Just small things really - good mix!

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